How to Install Kali Linux on VM Ware 16 || Use It Without Installing

Howdy Readers, Embrace to another post. Today I’m going to show you that how can you use Kali Linux on VMware without installing it, reason read this for your questions why and how? (Kali Linux VMware)

Did you have Kali Linux’s newest version? Download It :

Firstly, Open your favorite browser, now search for “Kali Linux download” or directly go to kali/downloads. You will see many downloading options, keep down your mouse scroll, go to under the Download Kali Virtual Machines heading. Click on the OFFENSIVE SECURITY VM DOWNLOAD PAGE button, you will be redirected to a new page.

Then You can download virtual machine images. 

Links for Kali Linux Images VMWare:


You can see Kali Linux VMware Docs here

All right, the next thing is that size of this file is 2GB approx, is to Download. The VMware 7z images cannot be fully completed in a day for many users.

So for this, I have a solution is to Download IDM (Internet Download Manager). IDM will help you to download large files as you want. No worry about if the link is expired, You can replace it with another working link, So it can continue where it had ended. But IDM is not free you have to pay after using it for 30 days then the trial period will end.

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Did you have VMware’s newest version? Download and Install Simply:

  1. Go To VMware’s site.
  2. You can Download Workstation 16 Pro from here also.
  3. Download Completed.
  4. So far, let’s install it.
  5. Double click on VMware
  6. If you want to add anyone of the feature click on it
  7. then Go-ahead
  8. Click next, next & next
  9. Done! Requesting restart, Restart it.

Did you want the serial number of the VMware 16 Pro comment. 

Now, Run the Kali Linux:

  1. Open VMware

You will see something like this:

Vmware's Dashboard

Here, I’m not using the “Create a New Virtual Machine” option because we have run it directly without installing it. Also, you can’t able to use this option if you want because the extension is VMDK, VMSD, VMX, VMXF & NVRAM, and if the extension of these files is in .iso so it can be possible to run it.

  • Click on “Open a Virtual Machine”
  • Now, you have to select Kali Linux VMware Image
  • You have to into Kali Linux Vmware’s folder
  • And there only one file be shown, you have to select it
  • Everything is fine, A new machine will be shown
  • You click and start it
  • Your New machine will start 🙂

The default password of Kali Linux will be: 

username: kali and password: kali

Cheers 🙂

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