How to see all saved password of WiFi in windows – Hello Guys, If you want to connect your WiFi router with another device, you often forget your saved password, which causes you to want to see your password. Today I will so you how to see all saved passwords of WiFi in windows 10 using command line mode.

Open Command Line (cmd method number 1) :

  • · On your TaskBar, click on the search button
  • · Search For Command prompt, click on the top first search result
  • It looks like this :

Searching for cmd open command line cmd method

Open Command Line (cmd method number 1) :

  • On your PC, press the Windows key + R button.
  • You will get a small window on your left-bottom side of the window.
  • On the input box Write “cmd”.
  • After writing Hit enter.

using run method to open cmd

Command to be used in the terminal :

Firstly we have to see the WiFi profile name. To identify which password we have to see.

  • Enter the command: "netsh wlan show profile"

This command will list all your WiFi router. You can see this in the below image.

Now copy the profile name from the list. 

  • Enter the command : "netsh wlan show profile name=<profile name> key=clear"

showing wifi list

Then you can see that the WiFi password listed in the heading of “Security settings.” and the name is “Key Content”: <here will be your WiFi password>

If you have any problem with this, please feel free to ask me to help you.

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