On page search engine optimization 6 Ways To Get Your Site On The First Page Of Google

on page search engine optimization

Sourcethical.in – There are six points that need to be considered in optimizing search engines so that your site appears on the first page of Google, namely preparing quality content, search friendly, mobile friendly , fast, safe, and structured. By using on page search engine optimization you can rank your post easily on web.

Google Asia Pacific’s Webmaster Outreach Strategist , Aldrich Christopher, said site providers must create quality content if they want their sites to appear on the first page. He reminded that internet users use the Google search engine to find quality content.

“Every site provider should ask themselves, is the information they write reliable? Is the content written original with original analysis?” he said at the 2019 SEO Conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (13/3/2019).

Aldrich Christopher said the second thing to pay attention to is to create a site that is  search friendly . He explained that Google Search must understand the content before displaying the content to users. Therefore, site providers must make it easier for Google to understand the content.

Any site provider can use Search Console to monitor and maintain a site’s presence in Google Search results. Then site providers who want to know their site is mobile friendly  or haven’t been able to check this through the Mobile-Friendly Test at g.co/MobileFriendly.

“In addition, site providers must make sites that are mobile friendly . Moreover, Google will implement the Mobile-First Indexing algorithm ,” he said.

Another factor of concern is site speed. He said users don’t like slow sites. According to the data, 53% of users will be out of the site that requires more than 3 seconds to load ( loading ). Users can test their site speed using PageSpeed ​​Insights.

“Things that need to be considered are optimizing site speed, namely prioritizing visible content, optimizing images, removing render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, enabling compression, and improving server response times ,” he explained.

The sixth factor is safety. Google reminds that users do not want to experience privacy and security issues while visiting a site.

One of the easiest ways to secure a site is to convert it to HTTPS. With HTTPS, a site is encrypted so that data security is protected from eavesdroppers, authenticated so that it proves that site communications can be trusted, and experiences data integrity so that data is protected and cannot be changed.

“Things that can be done to protect the site are by setting up account protection with 2-step verification (2SV), updating the system and plug-ins, verifying sites in Search Console, and backing up data regularly,” he explained.

The last thing is to create a structured site. Aldrich explained that search results for users are more useful if Google understands the structured content of the page. Site owners can use the Structured Data Testing tools.

“Structured data can increase search traffic up to 2.7x and length of time on page visits by up to 1.5x,” he concluded.

More on page search engine optimization

Website optimization is to increase the index of website articles on google pages. when a searcher types their keywords while looking for any content on the google search engine, and the search engine users will see the results of the keywords they are looking for on the search engine page. This paper introduces the concept of speculative search engine optimization both in terms of off page and on page to optimize the website. Based on some recent research conducted, guidelines are provided on how to optimize speculative search engines in general.

We will try to analyze the techniques applied to a website to optimize the position of content on the search engine results page so that it is included on the first page of search results. Keywords: website optimization, google search results, google index position

I. INTRODUCTION Search Engines are one of the most important tools that can help find information on websites. In general, search engine users will use certain keywords to perform searches on search engines. The search engine has its own algorithm to decide which content is relevant to be displayed on the search engine page when a user enters a certain keyword phrase. The higher the position of a content displayed on a search engine page, the higher the chances of a website being visited by visitors.  You can use on page search engine optimization to increase your ranking on search engines.

II. WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION Website optimization is a series of processes carried out systematically with the aim of increasing the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to certain websites by utilizing the work mechanism or search engine algorithms. The goal of website optimization is to place a website in the top position, or at least the top page in search results based on certain targeted keywords. Logically, a website that occupies the top position on the search results has a greater chance of getting visitors. In line with the growing use of internet networks as a business medium, the need for search engine optimization is also increasing. In the top position of search results will increase the chances of a website to get visitors.

III. OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES In general, website optimization techniques are divided into two models, namely:

A. On Page Optimization Optimization is carried out on a website template systematically, here are some on page optimization techniques divided into several parts, including:

1) Meta Tags Optimization : Several types of meta tags that are optimized include three categories namely meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Use the proper meta title and meta description. can increase the strength of a website’s position on search engines. meta title functions as snippet content description from search results on search engines, while meta description functions to contain information describing web pages on search engines. Likewise with the application of meta keywords if the right and correct optimization techniques will maintain the website’s position on the Google search engine results page. The following is a screenshot of using meta tags optimization. Figure 1. Meta Tags Optimization

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