15 Business Opportunities 2020, Promising The Future And The Best!

Want to have additional income or switch professions to become entrepreneurs? Come on , take a peek at 15 of the newest and most promising 2020 business opportunities in the future.

Running a business does need proper planning.

However, what is your resolution in 2020 this time?

Want to swerve into a business or increase your income by doing business?

Preferably, before running a business, please determine the business opportunity that you dream of.

Not only that, you also have to read the markets and products of competitors.

Do market research on the business opportunity you want to run.

What are the businesses?

Come on, go to the points below.

15 Promising Business Opportunities for 2020 in the Future

1. Barbershop business

Business Opportunities 2020

This one business opportunity must have hair cutting skills.

You also have to master hair styles that are trending or liked by many people.

Either girl or boy.

Hair styling has now become a trend in people’s lifestyle.

For business people, this is a business opportunity that you should develop.

Starting a barbershop business doesn’t need a lot of capital.

You only need capital to build a building or rent, shaving equipment and initial promotional costs.

If you have a large enough house, why don’t you just use it as a barbershop .

2. Henna business

Business Opportunities 2020

The 2020 business opportunity is to do henna business.

This home business idea only requires hand skills to paint using henna.

Of course, this henna painting will be done on the human body.

This 2020 home business trend is quite promising for your future, you know.

Because the bridal makeup today, most of the brides want to be beautified using henna on their hands.

3. Paper Flower business

Business Opportunities 2020

The next 2020 business opportunity is to make paper flowers.

This paper flower business can be an option for those of you who have an interest and talent in the field of decoration.

Usually this paper flower business is crowded with consumers who have events such as birthdays, applications, and various thanksgiving and other formal events.

If you have a gang that is close enough, try to get them to be part of your paper flower business team .

4. Business Opportunities 2020 to Become MUA ( Make-Up)


Make-up business is now one of the business opportunities in the spotlight.

This is because this business opportunity does not have too much capital.

Only rely on your interests and talents in polishing someone’s face to be more perfect.

Rumaha MUA usually targets consumers for graduation, weddingpre-wedding makeup services , applications, invitations or other important events.

5. Photobooth Decoration Rental Business

Business Opportunities 2020

(DM for Credit)

The next promising business in Amsa is the photobooth decoration rental business .

The 2020 home business trend has been on the hype since 2019.

At times like this almost all weddings, thanksgiving , or application has a booth photobooth for guests.

So it is only fitting that this business can enter into a very promising home business idea.

Is it right?

6. Business Opportunities in 2020 to Open Translation Services

Business Opportunities 2020

Looking for new business opportunities doesn’t have to make products or buildings to make your business happen.

For example, translation services.

Your good foreign language skills can be an opening to create new business opportunities.

As an opening for translation services, you can do it and promote through social media.

You can also register on official freelance sites to look for additional income.

7. Catering business

Business Opportunities 2020

A business opportunity in 2020 that still exists today is to become a catering entrepreneur.

Especially for those of you who live in big cities, trying out this business is still a promising business opportunity, you know .

The catering business is still a solution for office workers at lunchtime, weddings, proposals, or family events.

If you like cooking, try pouring your skills to try out the world of theater.

Not only that, this variation of the catering business itself can still be developed.

Examples are special catering for healthy food menus, vegetarian-friendly menus, menus for breastfeeding mothers, and many more.

8. Mattress Rental Business

Business Opportunities 2020

Here comes the newest and best selling business opportunity in the future, the mattress rental business.

This one business opportunity is still not very popular.

In fact, there is a mattress rental business whose turnover can generate IDR 2.1 billion per year.

You can open this business with a website and of course capital to buy a mattress and a means of transportation to deliver goods to consumers.

Interested in trying it in 2020?

9. Food Truck business

Business Opportunities 2020

The food truck business model originally came from overseas, which was known for selling ice cream.

However, in Indonesia, the food truck business is now being used to try heavy culinary delights to drinks.

Instead of renting a shop that can choke your expenses every month.

Why not just buy or remodel your vehicle into a food truck ?

You can also try the streets so you can sell anywhere and move anytime.

10. Fish Farming Business

Business Opportunities 2020

Business opportunities in this village can still survive in 2020, really.

Fish farming is a business that can promise you a future in the village.

Especially if the market around you is still lacking fish suppliers.

The most important step in becoming a fish farming businessman is finding out fish agents and distributors.

Know in advance the market forces and how much each type of fish costs.

Here are several types of fish that can be cultivated

  • Ornamental fish: koi carp, arowana, betta, louhan, oscar, rainbow fish, man fis h, and others.
  • Fish for your needs: tilapia, betutu, catfish, eel, gaff, carp, crab, and others.

11. Shoe Washing Business

Business Opportunities 2020

Most of the Indonesian people are still lazy to wash their own shoes, you know.

This is a great opportunity for you to start a shoe washing business.

A 2020 business such as this shoe washing service only requires capital to buy washing equipment, water costs, and special shoe washing soap.

The potential for this shoe business is still wide open and of course you can also use the house as a place to open your shoe washing service.

12. Business Ideas 2020 to Make Kroto Livestock

Business Opportunities 2020

For those of you who like to raise, try deh cultivation Kroto.

Kroto is a weaver ant that has a very expensive price per kilogram.

Because, the existence of this Kroto is rarely found in the wild.

Cultivated kroto ants aim to take kroto ant eggs for fish and bird use.

The price of kroto eggs for bird feed can range up to IDR 150 thousand per kilogram.

Even this Kroto cultivation business opportunity is very easy to do.

First, make a shelf and provide a jar for a place to lay knees.

Usually one jar yields about 1 to 2 ounces of yield.

For the Kroto livestock harvest period is around 15-20 days, and it depends on how the treatment is carried out.

The more jars you make, of course the number of harvests can be even more.

13. Coffee Shop Business

Business Opportunities 2020

This one business opportunity in 2020 is still quite promising in Indonesia.

This is because most Indonesians are coffee drinkers, both men and women.

Creating a coffee shop in a busy or institutional environment can be a business opportunity to create a successful coffee shop.

You can also learn how to become a barista and process coffee from bean to powder.

The capital to build a coffee shop like this is rather expensive.

You need capital to rent a place, buy coffee equipment, buy coffee beans, and additional accessories to support delicious coffee.

But, it’s never too late , you know to try it!

14. Business Opportunities 2020 to Open Laundry Services

business opportunities 2020

Promising business 2020 next, you can open a laundry business .

Today’s people, especially in urban areas, often use laundry services to wash their clothes.

This is because urban people usually spend their time working so they rarely have free time.

To start a laundry business , you only need to buy a washing machine and prepare a large area to dry clothes after washing.

15. Buying and selling antiques

business opportunities 2020

Even though it’s old school, antiques can be a promising business in 2020, you know !

There are still many people who are enthusiastic about buying antiques such as cars, motorbikes, toys, and many more.

The capital requirements for this one business don’t have to be big.

You can start with items whose value isn’t too high just yet.


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