Tips on How to Start a Successful Business Open Your Own Business

How to do business to start your own business needs to start from asking yourself. What are the toughest challenges in starting your own business? Not no capital, not no new ideas. The most difficult part is maintaining endurance in business, staying in business despite facing many challenges. How do you start your own business or business so you don’t give up easily?

Opening your own business, your own business takes time, it can’t be instant.

Why do people choose to start their own business?

There is a process to go through in starting and building a business.

Starting from thinking about the initial idea, opening, introducing, and promoting the business. In this process, there are many challenges and obstacles. Both from internal businessmen themselves and those coming from externally.

This challenge often causes business people to wither before developing. Not strong and stressed seeing the business being built slowly grows, sales are sluggish, while a lot of funds and energy have been spent.

Finally chose to resign, give up. Like a cocoon, it fails to become a butterfly that can fly.

Statistics from several entrepreneurship surveys show that most business people who open their businesses fail at an early stage.


I suspect that failure to maintain endurance is the main cause of many startup businessmen dying in the early days.

However, that does not mean that business endurance cannot be trained or built. The proof, entrepreneurs who are now successful, generally can survive and escape the darkest times.

Learn to Build a Small Business

Starting a Business

The following is a note on how to start a new business and maintain endurance in business, so you can stay focused when opening a business, even though difficulties and challenges come frequently.

The way to start a business and build a strong business motivation is to take several initial steps to start a business, namely:

  1. Have Big Dreams
  2. Work-Based on Passion
  3. Learn from Successful People
  4. Family Support
  5. Facing Competition

Let’s discuss the 5 tips to start a business one by one.

Have a Big Dream of Doing Your Business Dreams of being able to move mountains, says one figurative.

This shows how strong the influence of dreams is, including in trying.

Business motivation!

Therefore, when deciding on our own business, we should have clear and specific dreams or goals that become the raison d’etre (literally means “reason for being”) of starting our own business.

The dream should be something that is worthy, worth, to be pursued and fought for. Otherwise, dreams will be easily overpowered or subverted by the pressure of short-term needs and demands that usually seem more urgent to fulfill.

When a barrage of difficulties arises, dreams become encouragement that supports us not to give up, but instead to find a way out.

Dream of being the last stronghold.

Some well-known motivators suggest that the dream should be specific and clear. Written on a piece of paper, then impregnated and remembered every time.

Thus, these ideals are internalized in a strong and rooted manner.

  1. Work-based on Passion When Opening a Business

Working out of love or a hobby will have different results. There is a strong desire to give the best. Roughly speaking, not even paid, we want to do that.

Passion is a great boost when business is tough. Even though sales are slumping, but because doing so is not because of the demands of profit, but because we like it, we will continue to do our best.

Consistency of work, in the end, will bring appreciation.

On the other hand, if the business is conducted because of the mere hope of wealth, when challenges or difficulties arise, which undoubtedly are in the business, the spirit of never giving up is easily faded. There is no inner motivation to keep up the spirit.

Generally, building your own business takes time. Rarely can it be successful in a short time? The stamina to defend most effectively is the motivation that comes from within. That’s passion.

2. Learn from Successful People in Opening a Business

There is a lot to learn from people who are already successful.

From them, we will understand that the way to build a business is not easy. There is a winding process, up and down, steep, which inevitably has to go through if it is to be successful.

The successful ones have ever passed it. They succeeded because they survived. Try first to stop halfway, surely the success they get now will never materialize.

The experience of this successful person becomes a strong reminder, becomes a spirit pump, when you are tired or depressed. If successful business people need time and even sacrifice to be successful, it’s only natural that those of us who are just starting in business face problems.

Hence, attending seminars, listening to talk shows on the radio, or reading in tabloids about various success stories sharing is something that should be done regularly. Not only to gain knowledge but more than that, to be a booster of enthusiasm during the challenges of starting your own business.

3. The Importance of Family Support When Starting a Business from Zero

Why is family support important when opening your own business?

When business is difficult, usually household cash flow is affected. What used to be to go to the mall every week, or go on vacation to the mall twice a year, now must be reduced, or even eliminated to save money for the business.

Families are the hardest hit. And the reaction of the family also determines whether the business continues or not.

Families who are not supportive must often complain and do not want to compromise. I see some people who finally quit doing business because of pressure from their families, who want to keep their lifestyle, don’t want to be concerned, even though their financial conditions are not possible.

On the other hand, the family is supportive, encouraging, and most importantly willing to be concerned. They understand that today’s difficulties will bring them greater happiness in the future.

Hence, when you want to start a business, it is important to talk and talk openly to your family. Explain that starting a business will face difficult times in the beginning, challenges that are not easy, which require support and sacrifice from the family.

The key to success in starting your own business is not only a good product, a brilliant marketing strategy, and a business model but more than that, it takes strength and tenacity to survive. Business is full of challenges and obstacles. Because when a businessman retreats before he reaches his goal, all the right strategies and plans and qualified products are all in vain.

  1. Facing Competition

What do you think if someone opens a similar business next to yours?

This is a classic question that many who do their own business are sure to ask.

A new business was started and the development was good, but it wasn’t long before someone opened a similar business next to yours.

How to react?

First, accept the fact that competition is an inseparable part of a business or business. A flourishing business attracts competition.

Second, the existence of competition provides input into our business on what we lack and need to fix.

Third, the existence of competition shows that the business we are doing has good market potential, so that competitors dare to enter.

Why Start Your Own New Business

Why do people choose to start their own business?

Maybe this is a question that many people ask when they want to start a business.

Based on my observations, there are several reasons:

  • Freedom and discretion. Working alone is freer and more flexible than working with other people.
  • Income. It is certain that if we do our own business, we will enjoy all our income or business profits for ourselves.
  • Innovation can be ‘crazy’. By starting your own business, you become your boss who is not limited by other people’s ideas.

This is the reason why people choose to start their own business.

How to Start a New Business (Any Business)

How do I open a new business?

What are the first steps to starting a business?

How to be entrepreneurial, confused about what business you want

When deciding to start your own business, there are tips on how to start a new business, namely:

  • Market Research. It needs to be done to ensure that the selected business has prospects and understands the competitive map in the business.
  • Form a team. One of the keys to the success of starting a new business is the support of a strong team because we can’t do everything ourselves, we need a team with solid human resources.
  • Building Products and Business Models. One of the success or failure of the business depends on the product being sold.
  • Source of Capital. In building a business, to be sustainable, it is necessary to consider the source of capital, whether to rely on own capital (bootstrapping) or looking for investors.

These are the basic things you need to consider when building your own business.

How to Start an Online Business

Why Do You Need Online Business? Why does starting a new business need an online strategy?

Most importantly, the digital market and e-commerce in Indonesia are very large and continue to grow.

According to a 2018 Google and Temasek Singapore report, “The Indonesian internet economy, the largest and fastest-growing in the region, reached $ 27 billion in 2018 and is poised to grow to $ 100 billion by 2025.”

Google Indonesia Internet Economy Report (source: Google)

Digital marketing does not limit the range of product or service promotions. Reach all circles, wherever located, social status, without discriminating potential buyers.

The geographical conditions of Indonesia, which are an archipelago, are very compatible with digital Many people are easier to reach with online campaigns.

Another benefit of digital is that promotion costs are relatively more affordable. By the nature of small businesses where cost considerations are a crucial factor.

There are many free promotion perks on the Internet. Create a website for free, ads on Facebook or Instagram are free, and so on.

Promotion in digital, via forums or Facebook comments, is considered by consumers to be more ‘honest’ than advertising promotions because users can openly express their complaints and experiences.

That’s why a good experience can become ‘viral’ advertising free of charge both digital and online. Consumers are happy to spread the good news about the brand.

But, on the other hand, it could be a problem if there is bad news. Bad news went viral very quickly.

That is why we need strategies and ways to be able to go online, especially in terms of online marketing that are right for managing campaigns on online and social media.

The next question is how to start an effective online business. What steps and types of online marketing can small and medium businesses implement?

  1. Have a Website
  2. Build Social Media
  3. Understand Facebook Ads
  4. Understand Google Adwords.

Let us discuss this step in more detail.

#1 Have a Website

Website is a window to digital. Without a website, people cannot find your business presence in the digital world on the internet.

So, creating a website is one of the prerequisites for being able to exist in the digital world.

I have a friend who is just starting a business, after a long time working in the office as a professional. The first step he took after starting a business was creating a company website to promote his business.

Initially, he was confused because he wanted a promotion but the budget was limited. Then after doing research and asking here and there, he found that the effective way of free promotion is to create a website to show the existence of the services offered.

Be a company website. A week after the business started.

As a result, unexpectedly, he received a lot of orders, which when checked, it turned out that consumers knew from the company website that he created. Consumers say that in this service sector, companies rarely have websites.

How do I create a website? Easy.

First, you need to determine the name or website address, the term is to define the domain. Once decided, the domain must be registered so that it is yours and not taken by anyone else.

Second, choose to host to be the ‘home’ of the chosen website. Hosting can choose abroad (of course, paid in US $) or local in the country.


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Companies to register domains and store hosting can be done in one company so that it is easier. Some of the hosting companies I know are reputable and you can use them are:

Third, after you choose the domain and hosting, then you install the template on the website so you can fill in the content. The easiest is the WordPress platform with a large selection of free templates.

Why does my website place the most important compared to type I or other digital marketing methods, because you are committing suicide, carrying out an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Adwords, without having a website?

Because the ultimate goal of the campaign is to encourage people to visit the website and close or buy.

So, if the website itself doesn’t exist, which is the goal, what’s the point of doing online marketing promotions.

Indeed, many people are successful without the need for a website, for example selling on Instagram and selling well without the need for an official website, but in my opinion, that is not a sustainable strategy and will not build your brand in the online world strongly.

# 2 Social Media Instagram

According to many studies, Indonesians are one of the most social in the online world. Whatever activity is shared on social media. Starting from the general to the private.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Instagram users in Indonesia are the # 3 most in the world, after the USA and Brazil. For developing countries, where internet access is still limited compared to developed countries, Indonesia’s achievement is extraordinary.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform, so you need images and videos to grab the audience’s attention when using Instagram ads. Ads with text will not be the main choice in advertising on Instagram.

Because it is visually based, according to research, Instagram is a social media with an engagement percentage of 4.21%. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter only reached 0.10%. One of them is because Instagram Ads do not disturb untargeted users

In Indonesia, the number of Instagram users is always increasing and Instagram is connected to Facebook, as the owner, making it easier to identify targets, create content and schedule ad serving.

Some steps that entrepreneurs need to take to sell on Instagram:

  • Create a social media account for a separate business from a personal account, namely Instagram for Business;
  • Create an account name that is simple, easy to remember, describes the business, and has the same name as the other social media platforms used;
  • Post regularly and regularly, adjusted to the “golden moment”;
  • Keep each post related to your business and create a unique hashtag that characterizes your business and use it in every post;
  • Answer questions asked by followers to indicate that the account is responsive and active.

On Instagram selling and promotion methods:

  1. Instagram Story. In this feature on Instagram, you can post advertisements, which are more interactive and attractive to potential customers
  2. Photo and Video Ads, you can target your consumers according to your product insights using photos or videos.
  3. Take advantage of celebrities or people who have many followers such as artists or models to help market your products in the Endorse way.

The important thing to note is that you need to make clear contacts on Instagram so that consumers are interested and can contact you directly. You need to create a ‘CTA’ – Call To Action after users see your ad.

This CTA can click on WhatsApp or a link to your website so that customers can place an order or continue the conversation after seeing an ad on Instagram.

#3 Facebook Ads

Apart from Instagram, another social media platform is Facebook, which happens to be the owner of Instagram. Facebook is the social media with the largest number of users in Indonesia.

Who doesn’t have an FB account? Almost you could say very little. The majority of your friends must have this social media account.

With a large number of users, Facebook is suitable for building brand awareness.

How to do online marketing on Facebook?

Ads on FB ads are placed based on ‘interest’ and ‘demography’. You choose who your ad will go to based on your preferences or location or gender or another demographic variable.

How to advertise on Facebook Ads is relatively easy. You only need to determine the target consumers placed on ads based on their interests and demographics. Could say the cost of advertising on Facebook is quite cheap and very affordable. Also you, can decide based on your desired daily budget.

#4 Google Adwords

The experience of some friends who have done advertisements on Facebook and Instagram is that this promotion on social media is not ‘targeted’. Lots of ‘junk’ came in.

This means that although the reach or reach on these two social media is high, the conversion to sales or sales is not high.

To increase conversions, my suggestion is that you use Google Adwords, which is advertising on the Google platform. When you are doing a ‘search’ on Google an ad will appear, it is called Google Adwords.

What is the difference between Google Adwords and advertising on social media or other online advertisements?

Google Adwords is triggered by Keywords. Ads that are displayed by Google are based on keywords written by people searching on the Google search engine.

For example, if you write down ‘coffee shop in South Jakarta’ in a search engine, then the ad that appears by Google is a coffee shop located in South Jakarta. Google will not bring up soto stalls or gudeg stalls. Google will also not display advertisements for coffee shops in Papua.

Relevance is a keyword in Google Adwords.

Google Adwords ads are very relevant to potential consumers’ intentions. Ads are paid when the user clicks on the ad that appears.

However, Google Adwords ad setup is not as easy as on Facebook Ads and Instagram. Because you need to really understand the keywords or keywords that are often used by your prospective customers.

While on Facebook and Instagram, you only need to determine the target interest and demography of potential customers, which is simpler than compiling keywords on Google Adwords.


Small businesses must have a digital marketing strategy. The high growth of the online market in Indonesia is an opportunity for small and medium enterprises.

Digital provides many benefits for small and medium entrepreneurs. Starting from the speed and ease of promotion to cheap and affordable advertising costs.

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