Laptop VS desktop, which one to choose for playing games?

This article is mainly updated for game users , especially the graphics card part has corresponding game performance. If you read a lot of installation articles, and you don’t know how to install the game-related configuration, or where to start the computer upgrade in the future, just read this article, at least At the time of posting this article, the entire Zhihu has not written a configuration article specifically for game performance, and this article took me about 15 hours to organize it, and it is definitely not a loss for you to read it in 6 minutes.

The old rules, the first part is still an overview of mainstream accessories, and the second part is the latest installation list (excluding HEDT platform). After reading all of them, it will help to fully understand the current mainstream computer accessories status and the specific game performance of the corresponding hardware. Can reduce blind pursuit of high, accurate budget. Since the previous version of 2019 was organized at the end of the year, there is not much difference. You can refer to the previous version backup for details. If you don’t understand, you can send me a private message:

1. The main accessories of game console computers in 2020

For gamers who like to play games, the CPU and graphics card should be the most concerned when configuring a computer. These two are also the main part of the computer’s overhead. In addition, the supporting infrastructure, motherboard and power supply, memory and solid state drive, and the whole The chassis and heat dissipation of the machine, and finally the gaming peripheral mouse keyboard, earphones and speakers.

1. Game CPU recommendation

First give a ranking of the commonly used CPU of a game player. In pursuit of fever games (high-end configuration), Intel relies on high frequency and generally does not do multi-core optimization for games. 9900KS/9900K/9900KF (without core display) on ultra-high-end hosts The basis is a good player on the game list. If you are purely playing games, mainly the following CPUs:

  1. Violence ▶ Intel 9900KS 4299
  2. Violence ▶ Intel 9900KF 3399
  3. Violence▶ AMD 3900X 4299
  4. High-end ▶ Intel 9700K 2999
  5. High-end ▶ AMD 3700X 2599
  6. Mid-range▶ AMD 3600 1499
  7. Mid-range ▶ Intel 9400F 1199
  8. Getting Started▶AMD 2600 899
  9. Cabbage ▶ AMD 2200G/3000

The strongest performance among them is the 9900KS (official special selection version), which can reach 5.2G with a full-core test. However, this result is followed by 9900KF with the core display removed. The Intel core display is very poor and ordinary players can’t use it. The following are 9700 and 9400, but at this level, AMD’s 3700X and 3600 are more recommended, which are more cost-effective, especially for the cabbage level of 2200G, and the motherboard with a B450 is 1200. Because many AMD vendors currently use it. It’s cheaper to sell motherboards together, so when buying a CPU from a family of A, it is recommended to buy the motherboard package directly. I have also compiled the main official store for reference in the configuration list below.

The above rankings are only for games. It does not mean that AMD’s high-end CPU performance is inferior to Intel. On the contrary, in terms of multi-core performance, Intel does not see AMD’s taillights in CPUs of the same price. Muscle monsters on consumer platforms like 3950X are directly used. Hit the HEDT platform workstation level i9 9980XE, and AMD’s price is only 50% of Intel’s, or Intel’s price cut, but now many games are not optimized for multi-core. The good news is that Microsoft DX12 has added a multi-core development interface, and it is expected to be multi-core in the future. Can further exert its effectiveness. As for the performance of AMD, there is no proof.

In the past few years, Intel has been the main player in the hearts of gamers. After 6 years of toothpaste battles with 14nm, we have no desire to install. At present, this trend is being changed, mainly due to AMD’s adoption of the new ZEN+ in 2019. The architecture and mobile phone SOC technology has progressed, and it has achieved a super first-class performance jump. It has become the best accessory choice in the DIY market at present, and the price is very high. Ordinary mainstream players who choose Ryzen 3600 can already send all mainstream games, far surpassing 9400F, and also surpassing 9600K of the same level. If you want to gain further gaming experience, then 3700X is the best choice, with a price of more than 2,000 yuan. Part of the game’s performance is catching up to 9900K, but what else is a bike? There are 3900X and 3950X at higher levels.

This article is mainly updated for game users , especially the graphics card part has corresponding game performance. If you read a lot of installation articles, and you don’t know how to install the game-related configuration, or where to start the computer upgrade in the future, just read this article, at least At the time of posting this article, the entire Zhihu has not written a configuration article specifically for game performance, and this article took me about 15 hours to organize it, and it is definitely not a loss for you to read it in 6 minutes.

Since the newly released 3950X has not yet gone on sale, we will not update it yet. In particular, AMD’s CPUs are equipped with radiators, but the effect is not good, especially for high-end CPUs. It is recommended to buy air-cooled or water-cooled separately. Intel did not send them, and they need to be purchased separately, and the air cooling needs to further consider the height limit of the chassis.

2. Game graphics recommendation

For gamers, the importance of the graphics card is usually higher than that of the CPU. In some extreme configurations, you can even see the extreme configuration combination of 9100F+2070, but it is not recommended. At present, the most bought graphics card by market players is the 1660/1660SUPER/1660TI in the mid-end, especially the new 1660SUPER graphics card, which performs very well in many games, and AMD’s current new process 5700/5700XT also performs well in games. , The only disadvantage is that the power consumption is still worse than NVIDIA, and it is true that it consumes more power.

The following list is the ultimate picture quality and graphics performance of large-scale 3A games . It took a lot of time to organize and merge the data. You can open the picture to check the maximum performance frames of your favorite game (in fact, reduce the quality of special effects, and the performance of the graphics card will be better. OK), about the performance of the game:

  • Playable> 30 frames
  • Smooth>60 frames
  • Player>90 frames
  • Gaming>144 frames

The following tables with different colors represent different game resolutions. Blue is 1080P, green is 2K, and orange is 4K . The results of these tests can further guide us whether to buy a game monitor with a resolution and a high refresh rate. Will achieve better game performance.

Special note: LOL/CS GO is not included in the above game test, mainly because the configuration requirements are too low. As long as there is no problem with Overwatch, these games are free to play, no matter what resolution.

For the currently available graphics cards, based on the principle of buying new and not buying old, the most worthwhile recommendations are as follows:

  • Low-end: RX580/RX590
  • Mid-range: 1660super/5700
  • High-end: 2070super/5700XT
  • Violence: 2080super

Many articles before me have written about the graphics card RX580/590. The power consumption is too large. If it is fully loaded with games, it will catch up with the 2070S. It is very unsuitable for apartment users who use commercial electricity. A little extra money suggests 1660.

3. Power supply and motherboard

You can choose the graphics card according to your game needs. The only thing you should pay attention to is the power consumption of the graphics card. My personal suggestion is 550W within 1660, 650W for RX590 if 2060 or above, 750W for 2080 or above, 900W for 2080TI or Higher, especially for overclockers, there is no problem with 1000W. It should be noted that the power consumption is different between no-load and extreme load. There is no need to worry about the power consumption of large power supplies. The only thing to worry about is that the power supply is insufficient to cause restart Or the problem of excessive heat and noise at night. You need to pay attention to the power supply. Consumer CPUs consume little power now. The latest recommendations are as follows:

  • Low-end integrated nuclear display: 300-450W
  • 1660~2060 graphics card: 500-650W
  • 2060S-2070S: 700~800W
  • 2080 and above: 800W start

The CPU supporting motherboard is relatively simple, and the brands are not too many. Intel CPUs are mainly equipped with Z390 and B360 motherboards, generally without M suffix (such as B360/B360M), which are more ATX. AMD CPUs generally recommend X570 and B450M. Motherboard, optional manufacturer, high-end ASUS Gigabyte MSI, low-end MSI Colorful, but there are only a few fixed models to buy. Due to the high special effects of the game and the full load of the graphics card, the installed units will be super-equipped with power supplies in the long term, which will be more stable in the long term, with low heat generation and low sound. There will be no bottlenecks in the real upgrade in the future.

4. Display Reference

If the graphics card can support high-frequency refresh, it is highly recommended to use 144 on the game monitor. Even if it is not reached, it will be smoother than the traditional 60/75 without frequency hopping. However, most of the current 144 monitors are VA panels, and most of the IPS monitors are in Below 1080P resolution, the recommendations for purchasing a monitor are as follows:

  • Office and home use: 27-inch 2K-60hz, good-looking appearance (appearance value is justice) about 1000 budget
  • Image design: 27-2K/31.5-4K, color + large working area is king, budget above 2000
  • Gaming e-sports: 27-2K-144hz (FreeSync/G-SYNC) provides the upper limit of graphics card output, and the budget is around 1500

There is also a size issue, in order to reduce the display graininess (looks more delicate):

  • FHD(1920*1080)#The best size of 1080P is 23 inches
  • 2K(2560×1080、2560×1440)#The best size is 27 inches
  • 4K (3440×1440, 3840×1080, 3840×2160) The best size is 31.5 inches

5. Chassis Reference

When buying a case, pay special attention to three accessory specifications, one is the motherboard, the other is the graphics card, and the other is the radiator, the height limit of air cooling and the installation of water cooling. I have written a lot of space before, but I suggest you buy a wide-body ATX case directly, you can fit it in any specifications, don’t worry about it at all. Recommendations are written at the bottom.

2. Computer configuration list reference (excluding HEDT)

It doesn’t matter if Xiaobai doesn’t understand the computer. You can place an order directly for the accessories. has a door-to-door installation service, all of which can help you. In particular, it is not recommended to buy a complete machine such as HP, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, especially to buy a DIY machine, because the warranty is very troublesome-it has to be sent in the past, and a lot of hardware is shrinking, it is difficult to upgrade in the future, and the price is not cheap.

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