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Introduction – How to Add AdSense

Every website or blog can be used to generate passive income. There are many ways to make money from a website (monetize). However, you certainly agree that no one likes to put up so many advertising banners from various types of services on one website. Therefore, the best is always the choice. AdSense is probably the most popular of these types of services. Can be used to display text, video or image ads. As a website owner, you will be paid every time a visitor clicks on the ad on your website.

Then, what is Google AdSense? Let’s take a look for a moment before learning how to add AdSense to WordPress.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a CPC (Cost per Click) program from Google that allows website owners to display ads on their blog / website. The most interesting thing about AdSense is that it is the easiest program for website owners to make money, even up to thousands of dollars if done correctly. Publishers (people who have a website) just need to put simple JavaScript code on their website. Yes, that’s all.
If the account is accepted by Google, contextual ads will begin to appear in various locations on the website. Your website will also be automatically read by Google robots so that more information about the pages on your website can be known by Google. This will help Google to display the most relevant ads on your website. For example, if your blog is about shoes, then the Google robot will conclude that your website is perfect for advertising about shoes. Google does this automatically, by checking its database and finding the most suitable ads for your WordPress website. Logically, people reading about your blog are more likely to be looking for information on shoes than for information on safety. Will you come in, right?

The advantages of Google AdSense are not only due to its logical, transparent and reliable system, but there are also many other benefits. Let’s look at a few more reasons, before adding AdSense to WordPress.

Why should you choose AdSense

  • It’s easy to add multiple blogs,
    you can use it on many websites. What you need is that you have to make sure that your blog complies with AdSense rules and policies. This is much better than other advertising services where you have to add all of your websites manually.
  • Cooperative help & support
    It can be said that if you use AdSense, you are working with one of the top companies – Google. Getting started with AdSense is very easy, even for beginners. There are tons of written videos and tutorials, and even websites that can help you become a pro in this field.
  • On time payment
    When you activate the AdSense advertising program on your website, you don’t have to worry about payments. Many CPC companies are dishonest and not transparent when it comes to payments, but you won’t find this in AdSense. Trust me.

  • Google AdSense ‘s flexible ad format gives you the freedom to display various types of ads on your website, depending on the location and layout availability of your website. Then, you don’t even need to create an ad for your website – it’s all set up by Google’s system. All you need to do is place the JavaScript code at the location of the ad you want to install.

What you need

Before starting, all you need is:

  • Access to the WordPress Dashboard

Step 1 – Sign up for Google AdSense

First, you must register a Google AdSense account. You can do this here. The registration process is very easy and only takes a few moments. However, it usually takes up to 3 days for Google to check and accept your registration.

Step 2 – Creating an AdSense ad

Once your account has been accepted, you can start creating ads:

  1. Access the AdSense dashboard and click on the My Ads button , which is located at the top of the menu.
  2. Click the New ad unit button

  3. Enter the necessary settings for your ad. This setting is very important because it will help you organize your ads and to better suit your website design. 
    Name – The name of your ad. Enter a unique name here – to make it easier to organize multiple ads. Ad size – This setting is very important, because the size of the ad will greatly affect the appearance of your website. It is highly recommended that you choose Responsive if your website can adapt to all devices.
  4. Click the Save and get code button. Then a new window containing your AdSense code will appear. It will look something like this:
    <script async src = "//"> </script>

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []). push ({

    google_ad_client: "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx",

    enable_page_level_ads: true


  5. Copy & save the code because in the next step you will need the code.

If you want to know more about how to create ads, please look directly at the AdSense help page .

Step 3 – Adding AdSense to WordPress

Option 3.1 – Using Plugins

One of the easiest ways to add Google AdSense to WordPress is by using a plugin. There are many different methods that can be used. The following are some plugins that you can use for this:

Google AdSense

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin

Google AdSense, also known as the Google Publisher plugin, is an official plugin provided and maintained by Google. This plugin allows you to easily add AdSense to your WordPress website.


  • It’s easy to add AdSense to your WordPress website
  • Immediately activate ads that are specific to mobile devices
  • Ease of ad management

Ad Injection

Ad Injection is also a plugin that you can use to integrate AdSense into your WordPress website. This plugin is also not only limited to AdSense but can also be used for other ad networks. Apart from that, AdSense also allows you to adjust the appearance of ads, – you can adjust them based on the length of the posts, or the age or IP address of the visitor.


  • You can insert ads without having to modify your post
  • Assist with split testing by determining multiple advertisements for the same ad location
  • Helps you insert any script, either in the header or in the footer


  • Quite confusing to use and less user friendly
  • Potentially incompatible with the latest WordPress version

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a plugin that you can use to insert AdSense ads into your WordPress website.


  • Easy to use to display ads in various locations
  • Equipped with an automatic display option which allows the plugin to select the location automatically
  • 16 code blocks


  • At certain times, it does not receive responsive ads from Google Ads.

Option 3.2 – Manually enter ad

Another way to insert ads into WordPress is by creating a new widget. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to install any plugins. Follow the steps below to create a new widget and enter the AdSense code:

1. Enter your WordPress dashboard, open the Appearance menu -> Widgets section .

2. To add a new Widget, select Text and drag-drop it to the place where you want to add your ad. In this example, we’re placing AdSense ads on the Sidebar . You can choose where the ad will be placed. Press the Add Widget button .

3. Fill in the Title and Contents content .

Content of Widget

  • Title – Enter the name of your widget (can be left blank)
  • Content – Paste the copied code from the Google AdSense website.

4. When finished, click the Save button .

AdSense Practical Guide

All installed? The following are practical guidelines that you can follow to get a large number of clicks to your website, which means increasing your income too:

  • Do thorough research before starting
    It is highly recommended to follow the AdSense rules so that your account is quickly accepted. In addition, you are also advised to choose a high paying niche for your blog, meaning that the niche is often searched for by people searching on Google.
  • Proper ad placement The
    position of the ad on your website will determine your income. You can place an ad at the top of your page, using both display and text ads. If you put an ad on a page that contains a lot of content, you can also place the ad between the paragraphs of text.
  • Choose the right ad size
    If your main goal is to get tasty results from AdSense, you must be careful in determining the right ad size. Some of the commonly used sizes are 336 × 280, 728 × 90 and 160 × 600.
  • Monitor category performance
    Make sure you keep monitoring your AdSense performance and avoid placing ads in categories that don’t produce good results.

The following are some recommendations that you need to keep in mind so that you can get multiple benefits:

You can do it

  • Make the most of the use of AdSense heatmaps so you can understand the psychology of your website visitors and adapt them to your website design. This method will help you to get more clicks and income.
  • Write good and interesting content, in order to attract visitors to your website and increase the potential for clicks on your ads.
  • Experiment to test: what’s good for your website and what’s not.
  • Make sure your website and ads are responsive.
  • Always follow the latest policy developments from Google.
  • Adjust the advertisements on your website to keep it in line with your website design.

do not do it

  • Don’t abuse AdSense and fill your website with too many ads because this can make your visitors reluctant to linger on your website (bounce). This means that your potential income will be smaller.
  • Don’t click on your AdSense ads on purpose or not, let alone ask your people or family to click on your ads. Google has been able to detect this for a long time. Don’t let your account get banned just because you want a shortcut. Remember, the most important thing is the blessing of your sustenance. Reach for good sustenance in a good way too .
  • Avoid using advices to click on. Text like that is classified as forcing visitors to click on your ad and this is prohibited in Google AdSense policies.
  • Don’t place ads on blank pages.
  • Avoid automatic traffic to your website.
  • Don’t create different AdSense accounts with the same name.


This simple tutorial aims to show you how to add AdSense to your WordPress website and earn money from there. Now, it’s all back to you – create quality content and register your website in AdSense to start earning money from AdSense advertising. Always remember, you must be careful at all times in complying with the guidelines & policies provided by Google AdSense, because in some cases AdSense will not tolerate you and immediately block your account without notification.

Google AdSense is very easy to integrate with your website and you can do it manually or with the help of plugins.

If you’re out of ideas for driving traffic to your website, check out this tutorial.

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