Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Can’t Download & Update PUBG Mobile

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best emulator for playing PUBG Mobile on PC. I have been using it for the past year and until now I am quite satisfied with its performance. Even though sometimes there are still bugs, every time the bug is updated, it is always fixed.

One of the problems that is often experienced is when installing or updating, sometimes Tencent Gaming Buddy cannot download PUBG Mobile , sometimes it gets stuck at a certain percentage (usually 98%). There are even those who experience that PUBG Mobile cannot be downloaded at all, stuck at 0%

How to handle it? In this post I will share some solutions that can be tried.



1. Restart the computer

Before trying anything else, try restarting the PC or laptop first. Sometimes this simplified method can solve various kinds of errors. Try restarting first then running again to download or update Tencent Gaming Buddy. If you still can’t, continue to the next method.

2. Delete the TxGameDownload folder

Tencent Gaming Buddy has a temporary folder called TxGameDownload. When installing this folder will be automatically created on drive C or drive D of our computer.

This folder can be the cause of Tencent Gaming Buddy not being able to download, it usually causes the download to not run at all, aka stuck at 0%. This may be because the TGB application thinks that all files are already on the computer when we reinstall or update PUBG Mobile.

So the first solution we can do to overcome Tencent Gaming Buddy’s not being able to download PUBG Mobile is to delete this folder.

To find out the location of this folder, you can open the TGB application, then click the three line> Diagnosis.

how to solve Tencent gaming buddy can't download

See in the picture above the location of the TxGameDownload folder for my TGB application is at D: Temp

Please see where your folder is, after you find delete the TxGameDownload folder then try restarting Tencent Gaming Buddy and run the download or update again.

3. Change the rendering engine

The Tencent Gaming Buddy settings, especially in the rendering engine section, also often cause problems when playing PUBG Mobile. If we choose a setting that does not match the computer specs, it can cause bugs such as the screen to freeze , rendering it slow, or the game to crash.

I also don’t know for sure whether this unsuitable rendering engine choice can cause PUBG Mobile to not be able to download and update, but it doesn’t hurt to try (the replacement method is also easy).

Immediately, try to replace it, how to click on the three-line icon> Settings> Engine.

For AMD VGA users choose OpenGL or OpenGL +

For Intel VGA users and brands other than AMD, choose DirectX

After that restart TBG and try again to run the download or update. Oh yes, don’t forget when you restart TGB you have to quit the one in the tray icon, because if you just close TGB it still runs in the background.

Better yet, restart by immediately killing via the task manager. The trick is to open the task manager> look for the Tencent Gaming Buddy process> right click> End Task.

4. Use the new installer

This suggestion came from my experience when updating PUBG Mobile via the Appmarket , the download process got stuck and didn’t want to run, even when the update button couldn’t even be clicked. Finally, I tried to download the new installer and install it again from scratch, it worked.

If none of the previous methods have worked, then try downloading the new PUBG Mobile installer here:

Don’t forget to uninstall the old program first, also delete the TxGameDownload folder. After that do a fresh install. Hopefully this method can work.

5. Turn off Windows Defender

If the PUBG Mobile download or update process is still stuck, try turning off Windows Defender first, especially for those of you who use Windows 10.

Windows Defender is indeed very important to keep the system safe from viruses, but sometimes it can also overreact and cause certain programs to not run.

Try turning off Windows Defender first when you download or update PUBG Mobile via Tencent Gaming Buddy, how to enter:

Settings> Update & Security> Windows Security

The following needs to be turned off:

  • Virus & threat protection> Virus & threat protection settings> Manage settings> turn all options off
  • App & browser control> turn all options off
  • Firewall & network protection> Allow an app through firewall> check Appmarket on both private and public connections
  • Firewall & network protection> Advanced settings> Inbound Rules> Right click on Appmarket> Properties> check Enable and Allow the connection> OK

After turning off the settings above, maybe it is better to restart the computer first and then try again to run the download or update of Tencent Gaming Buddy

6. Turn off the Antivirus

Antivirus can also do false positives , carelessly beating all the programs it doesn’t know. If your PC or laptop uses a certain antivirus, first try turning it off when you want to download PUBG Mobile TGB, maybe the antivirus is the cause of the Tencent Gaming Buddy error .

Those are some solutions to overcome Tencent Gaming Buddy not being able to download and update PUBG Mobile. You can comment below if it still doesn’t work.


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