3 Important Things To Order The Buffet Package

The number of other activities that must be well prepared when holding an event such as a thanksgiving, birthday, office inauguration, or even a wedding party, makes most people choose to order a buffet package for serving. Why not, especially now that ordering a buffet can be done easily, one of which is through online media without having to bother and need to spend time visiting seller outlets. Ordering a buffet package is indeed the right choice and should be considered to support an event both personal and business.

However, choosing the right service to order a buffet should not be careless. The experience of several previous customers, especially those who were not satisfied with the service obtained, should be used as a lesson. Not only is it a loss because the dishes you get are not as expected, but you can also be embarrassed because you are considered to be not good at choosing the right catering service. Currently, there are quite a number of services that offer buffet packages, to get the best package, several important things below can be used as a guide:

Reputation of the seller

The main thing that is an important part to research when looking for a buffet service is the reputation or credibility of the seller. This is intended to determine the track record of the service owner to be used so that it is possible to obtain the best service and avoid disappointment. The more customers they get and on average give good testimonials, the greater the hope of getting satisfying service. On the other hand, if some customers give unpleasant feedback, it would be better to look for other alternatives. You don’t want the dishes that are set aside as official events to disappoint?

Budget considerations

There is a price. The proverb is true to express a condition of goods or services that are in accordance with their value. Low prices may result in reality not in line with expectations. Things that are familiar to people when ordering a buffet. For that, don’t be easily fooled by the value that is too small or the price is cheap. Of course it would be better to be a little expensive as long as satisfied It must be noted in this case is to ensure that the package ordered will not disappoint and has considered the existing budget according to the type of package that can be obtained (also not imposing expensive prices) so as not to cause cost or expense increases.

The desired menu

Each buffet offered generally has a different menu, the higher the package price, the more luxurious the menu served. Make sure the selected menu is appropriate and as desired. There are many services that offer buffet packages and of course it can be a consideration for choosing the right one. You can contact customer service to ask about menu problems to get complete information, including if you need other orders such as tumpeng and so on. Choosing a menu with luxurious dishes is indeed very attractive for the smooth running of the event, but don’t forget that this also needs to be balanced with ability.

With careful consideration and planning, hopefully the buffet or buffet package ordered can match expectations, make the event smooth, and leave a pleasant impression.

In order for the company’s finances to remain stable

Not all companies are financially stable. This problem is what makes them often terminate work contracts or reduce the amount of production in order to save the company. There are many things that cause this and unfortunately not all entrepreneurs know what they have to do so that in the end their business takes a slump and goes bankrupt. Btw, are you a company owner? If so, what will you do to keep the company’s finances stable? If you are still confused, it is recommended to do the things below:


Press spending as much as possible


Please check the list of your company’s expenses and you should make a list so you know which expenses are the biggest and smallest. It is highly recommended to reduce the biggest expenses as much as possible so as not to continuously drain the company’s finances. In general, some of the sizeable expenditures come from electricity, water, and the purchase of raw materials. For electricity and water, you can turn it off after not using it or after coming home from work. Ask all employees to save as much electricity as possible in the company. Meanwhile, for the purchase of raw materials, you can make comparisons in advance and look for providers that offer lower prices if possible. By reducing expenses as much as possible, company finances will not easily collapse.

Stop using company money for personal gain

It cannot be denied that there are company leaders who use company money for their personal gain, whether to buy new property, new clothes, new jewelry, new vehicles, and so on. It seems that they don’t want to bother with the company’s financial condition as long as their personal wishes are fulfilled. This is clearly not a good thing because it can cause the company’s finances to become unstable where expenses are greater than income. For that reason, if you like to do this, stop immediately unless you want to put your company out of business sooner or later. What if there is an urgent need or emergency that forces you to spend a lot of money? For emergency conditions or urgent needs,

Firm action against misuse of company money by employees

Financial problems in the company do not only come from their leaders but also their subordinates. Yes, there are many workers who have gained more trust from their superiors but are abusing it. They commit acts of corruption to enrich themselves. Their reasons are quite diverse, ranging from being tempted by a lot of money to looking rich and glamorous. So, if you find suspicious things related to corruption and you already know who is behind it, act firmly on the employee by terminating his work contract and asking him to return the company money. If he is unwilling or unable, you can take the case to court so that he can receive the appropriate sentence. Remember what must be emphasized in this case is evidence of the perpetrator. The point is not to accuse the employee for no apparent reason. Moreover, you have first reported to the authorities. False accusations can lead to being accused back and facing the law.


Tips so that the Promotion is not in vain

One of the keys to success in the business world is promotion. What is promotion? Introducing your product or service to others. It is an obligation for a businessman to do this. Without doing this, how can the product or service being offered be known to many people. The more precise the promotion, the greater your chances of becoming a successful person. Conversely, the wrong way of offering will destroy the business. There are many ways that can be done to promote a business, either online or offlineUnfortunately, many business people don’t consider everything when doing this. As a result, what he did was useless. Don’t want you to experience this? Therefore, as a businessman, you must first find out how the right tips are in promoting your business so that later it is not in vain. The tips for doing promotions include:



Determine your target

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the target first. Who will be the target of your business promotion, whether children, teenagers, adults, or parents? Determining this one thing is very important to support so that what is done later does not go in vain. It is not impossible to promote products or services to the wrong people, will not produce results and only waste time. It’s different if the promotion is right on target, it could be the desire to make a product or service that is offered in great demand by people. This method will also make it easier for you to determine the concept that will be used during the promotion later.


Choose the right promotional media


There are many media options to promote what you want to offer to many people. Brochures, posters, banners, television, internet, and banners, are promotional media that can be selected. Of the many media, of course, not all of them are suitable choices, so you must choose the right one to introduce your product or service. If you decide on an online business, choosing poster media is certainly not the right choice. The internet (you can use social media such as WA, Instagram, and FB) is the media that should be chosen for those of you who want to do business online. Remember the more precise the media is selected and the more vigorous the promotion is carried out, the greater the chance to succeed.

Create an attractive promotion

If you have got your target audience and have chosen the media for promotion, making an attractive promotion is no less important. It is not impossible without something interesting from the promotion that is being carried out will make people think twice about buying or using your services. Making the words catchy and unique is the key to success for this to work. The title is one of the most important things to pay attention to and consider in doing this because this is where consumers will find out more about what you have to offer. Interesting words so that consumers are interested in the promotions you are doing, such as 50% discount, free shipping and buy one get one free.

Promotion is needed in the business world. Therefore, it is appropriate as a businessman you have to do this. However, the promotions you do, of course, shouldn’t be careless if you don’t want the results to be in vain. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you, especially for business people.

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