15+ Programming Languages ​​Developers Must Learn

 Programming languages ​​are also known as computer languages or computer programming languages . A programming language is a collection of syntax that functions to command software on a computer. In short, this language is used to create computer programs using computer logic rules.

The development of technology at this time encourages many people to learn various types of programming languages. One of the goals is to create websites, applications, or other digital products.

Well, in this article we will discuss more than 15 programming languages ​​that are most widely used by developers. Not only that, we will also discuss why you need to learn a programming language and its functions.

Why Should You Learn Programming Language?

Currently there are many agencies or developers that provide instant website services. This service certainly makes it easier for someone who doesn’t know any programming languages ​​to create a website . Although easy, not everything can be done without understanding computer programming languages. So it is very necessary to understand, at least a little about computer programming.

Sometimes there are some settings that require programming skills. For example, changing a few lines of code so that the display matches what the user wants. In some cases, this will require some programming skills so that the display can be customized as desired.

Meanwhile, if you create your own website using a mastered website programming language, of course, it will provide flexibility to adjust the appearance to what you want.

Programming Language Functions for Websites

The important thing that needs to be considered in making a website is the programming language used. Determining the computer language used can be done by knowing what the needs of the website you want to develop are. The programming language used can help produce a site that fits the needs of the business you are developing.

If you want to create a website, of course, you need knowledge of programming languages. The website is made up of lines of code which becomes a file. Each file is linked to other files through the functions that have been declared in it.

Website programming is known as MVC, namely the model , view , controller that separates the process of website development.

In general, there are several main functions of a programming language, namely:

  • As a medium of communication between operators and machines
  • Become a medium that operates a machine
  • As a medium for programmers in developing an application
  • Give commands to machines and computers

Even though there are a lot of programming languages ​​currently in the world, which language do developers use to create their websites?

Types of Programming Languages ​​and Examples

The following are programming languages ​​that are widely used according to  PYPL Popularity of Programming Language :

The most popular types of programming languages ​​according to a Google search.


programming language

Python is widely used by large companies in its development such as NASA , Instragam , Google , Yahoo , Reddit , and also the popular video streaming site YouTube .

If categorized in the level of computer language, Pyhton belongs to a high-level programming language. Just like Java, Python is able to build applications from websites and mobile.

Python’s popularity is 29.72% of the total respondents based on searches made on Google Search.

When viewed from Facebook users, in Indonesia there is a special group discussing the Python language and more than 23,000 accounts have joined.

If you are just starting out in learning about programming, Python is a fairly easy language to learn. In addition, there are still many advantages, such as the syntax used is quite simple. Dynamically reloading the python module is like modifying the app without stopping it.

Even though it has many advantages, there are still some drawbacks of Python that might make it a little difficult, such as some assignments that are out of Python’s reach.

Like other dynamic programming languages, Python is not as fast or efficient as static, unlike compilation programming languages ​​such as C language.

2. Java

Not only serves to create desktop applications, Java is also used to create mobile applications. Java is a popular web programming language. The percentage of searches was 19.03% of the total searches performed on Google.

Java was developed in 1991. Since May 23, 1995 was released, Java immediately rose and became a favorite programming language. Java provides new nuances in the development of information technology. Plus, at that time Sun provided Java source code for free via the internet. The power of open source makes Java easy to develop and recognized by many developers. Therefore Java is a programming language that must be mastered.

Until now, Java has become a programming language that almost every developer knows or has ever used. Apart from being used as a website programming language, Java is widely used to create desktop and mobile applications.

3. Javascript

The history of JavaScript started around 1994, when the internet and websites were experiencing rapid development. Websites at that time were generally created using the PERL programming language which processing could only be done on the web server side.

Javascript ranks third with a search percentage of 8.2% . In my opinion, the Javascript function is special, because it is able to develop attractive and interactive websites. So many websites today use Javascript in the program code in them. It is not surprising, because Javascript was originally developed with the aim of creating a website.

Meanwhile, Netscape is a fortunate technology company that can develop Javascript and is useful for many developers to date.

Not only used to create websites, the use of JavaScript also leads to the development of mobile applications, games, and desktops. So of course JavaScript is a popular programming language and is familiar to website developers.

The advantages of Javascript are that it does not require large memory resources (light and small), does not require large memory resources (light and small), is dynamic, and is easy to develop.

As for the drawbacks, the script used in Javascript is not encrypted, not for stand alone application development, and has limited objects.

CSS and HTML are also programming languages ​​that website developers must know. There are three computer languages ​​that website developers must know, namely Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

C #

In the late 1990s, Microsoft created the Microsoft Visual J ++ program as a trial step for using Java in the Windows operating system to improve the interface of the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM).

Next, there is C # with search popularity of 7.28% . C # or read C Sharp combines the principles of C and C ++ and was developed by Microsoft. So this language is more widely used on the Windows platform to run on the .NET platform. Because it is not far from C or C ++, this programming language is also widely used for video game development.

The number of operators and the flexibility of writing programs sometimes confuse the user when using this language, while for beginners it is generally difficult for beginners to use pointers.

C # has several advantages that can be taken into consideration, such as flexible, powerful, easy to use.

  • Flexible because the C # computer language can be executed on your own computer machine or transmitted over the web and executed on another computer.
  • Powerful which means that C # has the same set of commands as C ++ which is full of features but with a more refined language style that makes it easier for users.
  • Easy to use because C # modifies commands that are completely the same as C ++ and tells us where we went wrong if there is an error in the application, this can reduce our time in searching for errors.

5. PHP

The popularity of PHP as a programming language for websites is 6.09% in searches on Google Search and more than 10 million websites in the world already use this language.

Since it was developed in 1994, PHP has become a popular computer language for developing websites. Many large websites use this language as a component. For example, Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla are made with the basic programming language PHP. Facebook and Wikipedia are also among its users.

PHP is a scripting language that does not compile in use. Web Servers that support PHP can be found everywhere from Apache , IIS , Lighttpd , to Xitami with relatively easy configuration. On the development side, it is easier, because there are many mailing lists and developers who are ready to help in development.

PHP has certain security weaknesses if the programmer is not good at programming and doesn’t pay attention to PHP issues and configuration. Not ideal for large scale development. Unlike Java, the functions of this programming language do not have a true object-oriented programming system (up to version 4). Cannot separate views with logic properly (although using templates can improve it).

6. C

If you are a programmer, you must have heard of this programming language. Yes, C is a programming language that has existed for a long time in the computer world. This language became the basis for the development of other computer languages.

Until now, the C language is still the favorite for some people to develop websites or other applications. The percentage of C language searches on Google is 5.91% .

The creator of the C language was Dennis Rithcie circa 1972 for the Unix Operating System at Bell Telephone Laboratories . Because of the long existence of C language, some users call C the father of other computer languages.

The advantages of the C language are the many operators you can find in C for data manipulation. The data structure in the C language is structured, so that it is easy to develop and easy to understand.

On the other hand, the downside is that it is a bit confusing from the C language because of the great flexibility of writing and operators. For beginners it will be a little difficult to understand the pointers in this language. Because other programming languages ​​may not recognize the term pointer. Yet one of the most prominent abilities of the C language is pointers.

7. R

The R language was first released in 1993, but its popularity has started to emerge in recent years for big data purposes. The language R is sometimes used in website development. However, this language does not stand alone, but with the help of other programming languages.

The search trend on Google Search puts R at 3.72% . This percentage is not necessarily aimed at using R for the need to create a website, but is used in other fields such as data management.

The R language is an interpreter-based programming language, so the execution of an application / function written in the R language, especially applications / functions that require a long code program, will take a relatively long time. Another problem that was revealed was related to the updating of a row in the data frame of a program looping process.

8. Objective-C

Objective-C is an object-oriented language originally used by Apple to develop its tools. That’s why iOS was developed in the Objective-C language.

Objective – C is a programming language developed in the 1983 era, by Brad Cox and Tom Love . Because it is object-oriented, Objective-C is sometimes used to create websites. Although not many people use it and only around 2.47% in search popularity.

This language is the main language used by Apple to develop the OS X and iOS operating systems and to develop the company’s Application Programming Interfaces (API). Even so, this programming language can only be used to create something limited. In fact, many platforms cannot be developed using Objective-C like Android.

9. Swift

During WWDC in 2014, Swift language was introduced and became one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. Not only that, based on a survey from StackOverflow, Swift is the second most favorite computer language and the number three most popular computer language at that time.

Swift is the language of instruction for Mac developers, and iOS and is Apple’s main platform. So that the Swift language is also designed to be able to connect with other Apple programming languages, namely Objective-C.

The Swift computer language is considered safe. This is because Swift has very good memory management. This makes developers not have to worry about problems regarding memory management.

10. Matlab

Next is Matlab which has a search percentage of 1.79%. Matlab (Matrix Laboratory) is a program used to perform numerical analysis as well as computation.

Matlab was created around 1970 by Cleve Moler . At this time Moler designed this language to give students access to use LINPACK and EISPACK without having to learn Fotran. Linpack is a numerical computation library written in the Fotran language. Moler’s work immediately received a warm welcome and spread to many universities.

Although sometimes used in website development, most of the Matlab computer language is used in the fields of mathematics and statistics.

11. TypeScript

programming language

Maybe not many are familiar with this programming language. TypeScript is a programming language built on JavaScript.

The difference is, in TypeScript, there are additional strong typing features & classic OOP programming concepts (classes, interfaces). In its documentation, TypeScript is called a super-set of JavaScript. So, JavaScript code is TypeScript code too.

TypeScript has a search popularity of 1.79%.

12. VBA

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a derivative of Visual Basic developed by Microsoft and released in 1993.

VBA is an integrated combination of a programming environment (Visual Basic Editor) with a programming language (Visual Basic) which makes it easy for users to design and build Visual Basic programs in the main Microsoft Office applications, which are intended for certain applications.

Not too many users search for VBA in Google searches, so the percentage is only around 1.37% .

In Visual Basic, you will usually need another programming language, such as .NET (dot NET) which is also included in the Visual Basic family, where all documentation for its use is on the Visual Basic Developer page .

Ruby has advantages such as simple syntax, good exception handling, object-oriented programming language, carries the concept of single inheritance, is open source, anyone can use it for free and can participate in developing it and has a garbage collector that will automatically delete. unused information from memory.

13. Ruby

programming language

Yukihiro is a Japanese programmer who created the Ruby computer language. In 1993 Yukihiro wanted to create a scripting language that had object orientation capabilities. At that time object-oriented programming was developing but there was no scripting programming language that supported object programming.

Ruby has a very simple syntax structure so that many website developers use this language. A growing community with complete technology support and third-party dependencies are other factors that make Ruby quite popular. The search percentage in this language is around 1.7%, not too much, but it’s enough to make Ruby into the list of most popular computer languages.

14. Scala

Finally, since its design in 2001, Scala has grown to become a popular programming language. Currently Scala has been used as a website platform such as Akka and Play Framework .

Scala is growing along with the development of information technology such as the formation of Apache Spark . Apache Spark is made with Scala which is used as an application for cluster-based data computing. Big companies like Twitter , LinkedIn , and Netflix are some of the big companies that are already using Scala.

This language is quite popular but only has a 1% search percentage , which is very small compared to other computer languages.

15. Script

This programming language is based on ECMAScript which is usually used for developing websites or software based on Adobe Flash Playaer. Some database applications that use ActionScript are Alpha Five . Initially this programming language was enlarged by Macromedia.

Now Macromedia company has been bought by Adobe in 2015. Currently this programming language was developed by Adobe.

The Action Script itself has undergone several updates. The last one is Action Script 3.0. This latest update has several features, namely files from Action Script 3.0 can be created separately at runtime.

Action Script is a programming language that is quite well known in Indonesia as seen from the number of Flash-based developers using Action Script for coding.

Other Programming Languages

Apart from the programming language for the website described above, there is one more programming language that you should know, namely HTML .

  • HTML Programming Language

Initially HTML came from a programming language called GML (Generalized Markup Language) which was developed by IBM in around 1980 and developed into SDML. HTML itself is part of SDML which can be used for browsing on the internet.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. You can use this HTML programming language to build websites easily and quickly. Using HTML you can do many things when building a website, for example inserting links, adjusting the style and structure of the text to creating objects on a website page.

The HTML programming language consists of tags, elements,  and  attributes which are  then arranged by other elements.

A simple example of HTML programming language code, for example,

<title>15+ Programming Language</title>
Html is one of them


Copy the code above to notepad with .htm extension and run it in the browser, the website page will appear according to what you created above.

Apart from HTML, there are other programming languages ​​that are similar, but have different functions from HTML, namely XML .

Which Programming Language Should You Choose?

That was a list of the most used programming languages ​​according to Google search data. The list is not much different from the StackOverflow survey .

The most popular kinds of programming languages.

Then, which is the best programming language? The answer will depend on their individual needs. Because sometimes, you also need to use several programming languages ​​at once to design something.

Because every programming language has its own function and it will be more optimal if it is run in the right environment. So in my opinion there is no best programming language.

Programming languages ​​are very diverse and have their respective functions. However, if used properly, any programming language can become a programming language for websites. Even though it is not the main language, many computer languages ​​can be combined to produce a reliable website.

Java and Javascript are popular computer languages ​​used to create websites. Almost all websites must use these two languages, although they are usually combined with several other programming languages. The programming languages ​​mentioned above are only a few.

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