11+ Tips and the Most Effective Promotion Ways!

One of the advantages of online business is the wide scope of the market to sell products. If supported by the right promotional methods, your business will be able to produce more promising results.

What is promotion? In this article, we will discuss what promotion is, why you need to do it and various examples of promotions that you can use.

What is Promotion?

There are many definitions of promotion according to experts. 

Harper W Boyd called it a way to persuade other people to accept an idea / product. Meanwhile, Philip Kotler said promotion is a communication strategy with the market. 

If summarized, promotion is an effort to market your product by means of persuasive communication so that potential customers are more interested in buying your product than competitors’ products. 

In general, there are various ways to do promotions, it can be through advertisements on TV, brochures, banners, social media, and websites. 

Then, why do you need to carry out promotional activities for your business products? What is the goal?

The main purpose of promotion is to increase sales. However, of course it must be preceded by the introduction of the product to the public. Not only that, promotions must focus on creating public interest in using the products you offer. 

This can be done in various ways, such as advertising, using influencers, holding an event, and so on. The media used can also vary. We will discuss more in another part of this article.

Promotion Benefits for Your Online Business

Here are some of the benefits of online business promotion when it goes well:

1. Capable of attracting market attention quickly

Where do you usually find out about a new product from a brand? That’s right, from the promotion program they did. 

Although the types of activities carried out can vary, good promotion never goes unnoticed by the public. 

Of course, you will still remember about the online motorcycle taxi drivers who are lucky to get a luxury car for IDR 12,000. Yes, at last year’s Harbolnas moment, one of the marketplaces held a promo for goods at a price of IDR 12,000.

This promo managed to get the people’s attention. The reason is, various items that even fall into the luxury category are priced at IDR 12,000 only. What happened? Millions of people are fighting for it.

2. Promotion to Maintain Consumer Loyalty  


You certainly realize that competitors will certainly try to win the hearts of your customers. 

However, if you are diligent in carrying out promotional activities with various attractive offers, consumers will remain loyal to using your product. The reason is, the benefits they receive from you are more promising. 

For you as a business owner, selling products to loyal customers is certainly easier. In fact, the chances of success are up to 60 to 70% .

3. Helps Increase Brand Awareness

For online businesses, brand awareness is very important. Brand awareness can strengthen the relationship between your product and consumers for the long term. 

For example, if you want to buy mineral water, some of you will call it Aqua. Even though there are many other mineral water brands that are not much different in quality. This is known as brand awareness.  

If the promotion you do is successful and is able to build strong branding, your product will stick in the hearts of consumers. 

With a measurable promotion intensity, brand awareness can be built well. 

4. Increase Product Sales Potential

A promotion that is done well will be able to boost sales. 

For example, JetBlue airlines achieved a revenue increase of up to 1640% through promotions !

JetBlue doesn’t create new products. The company is just taking a different approach than its competitors. They designed an email automation program for promotional purposes for consumers who have not completed ticket bookings on their website. Proven successful!

11+ Most Effective Promotion Tips and Ways

After understanding the importance of the benefits of promotion, let’s learn surefire tips for promoting a product.

There are many promotions that can be applied to your online business products. We’ve listed a few examples you can use:

1. Provide Discounts / Discounts

Price is still a major factor for consumers when making purchase transactions. Therefore, discount promos are always awaited.

Abroad, there are a number of events that specifically present discounted promos for product purchases. One of the famous ones is Black Friday or a domain promo from Hostinger . In Indonesia, this promo moment is usually held en masse on National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas).

If you have your own online store, of course you can organize this discount / discount promo anytime. And of course, discounts can be used for almost all types of online businesses , as in the following promotional examples:

2. Free Shipping Costs (Free Shipping)


The increase in e-commerce transactions is supported by the ease of delivery of goods. At this time, without waiting long, the goods will arrive at the recipient. 

There have been many expedition businesses that provide the best service. However, shipping rates for some regions are still quite high. 

Therefore, if you use free shipping, consumers will be interested. The reason is, consumers not only get convenience, but also more value when shopping for the products you offer.

With a free shipping approach (free shipping), sales of your business products can be increased. 

3. Offer Cashback

Cashback is the return of an amount of money after a consumer makes a purchase. Cashback applies if the purchase is made following the terms set by the seller. Usually in the form of purchasing a certain nominal amount.

Even though there are conditions imposed, cashback is still an attractive promo for consumers. You can visit several major marketplaces and will find cashback on their various promo events. 

Keep in mind that cashback does n’t just belong to the marketplace. Online shop owners can also apply this promo to sell various items, from electronic products to fashion. 

4. Hold Flash Sale

Flash sales are a method of selling in a short amount of time, in limited quantities and at a low price. 

Some of you may know Flash sales from one of the big marketplaces in Indonesia, right? This type of promotion has proven to be quite effective. 

Because Flash sales use a limited availability strategy, many potential customers don’t want to miss the opportunity. As a result, Flash sales have proven to be effective in hitting the market. Products sold through Flash sales always sell like hotcakes.

Learning from these conditions, many business people have implemented the same promotional steps. Not only cell phone products.

5. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Promoting products by providing additional products for free is commonly used. Starting from household products to food. 

However, make no mistake, this step is still very effective.

For consumers, they will be happy because they get additional value. Meanwhile, for business owners, Buy 1 Get 1 Free is often used primarily to introduce new products while still getting a good profit.

The reason is, when conducting a Buy 1 Get 1 campaign, producers are actually able to sell more products because consumers actually buy two products at once. 

6. Giving Gift

If previous promotions provided similar products for free, promotions by giving gifts often took different products as gifts. It can be your own product, or someone else’s product. 

In fact, there are many examples of gifts that you have received as a consumer. For example, when you get a softcase and screen protector when you buy a cellphone. 

As a business owner, you can also copy these promotional tips on your products. For example, the following online fashion stores:

7. Rewards Points Collection

Rewards points are an example of a promotion through a customer loyalty program . This means that consumers who are loyal to your product are entitled to special offers. 

This promotion method can be done in many businesses. For example, if you own a car washes. 

You can share special promo cards. Every time a customer washes a car at your place, they will receive one sticker . After five washes, you can give one free car wash.

Of course, your customers will be happy with this kind of reward point promo. 

Another example of reward points is shown by the Niaga Points (NiPo) program below:

8. Distributing vouchers or promo coupons

Promotional methods by distributing vouchers can be a weapon to attract consumer interest. 

You may have received a meal voucher when you buy certain magazines.

In this digital era, the use of e-vouchers is starting to replace physical vouchers. Many business owners share promo vouchers via email, even directly in applications used by consumers ( in-app ).

One example that you know is of course the voucher from Gojek. 

With various promotions offered through vouchers, whatever type of business you run will have the potential to increase revenue.

9. Provide warranty

Consumers will be more comfortable when buying products that have a warranty guarantee. 

The types of guarantees offered can vary, from the authenticity of the goods, the quality of the goods, to competitive prices. This of course depends on the type of product offered.

In the type of business that offers almost the same product, competition with competitors is on the price factor. It is not uncommon for your consumers to hear promotions with the sentence: “If a competitor has a lower price, we pay the price difference.” 

Meanwhile, for the type of business that emphasizes the quality of goods, the promotional tagline used includes “Guaranteed Ori!” or “Best Products Only in Our Store!”

10. Holding a Holiday Promo

Holidays are awaited moments. Everyone plans a vacation to various tourist destinations that they want. This is why many holiday promotions are offered by many accommodation and transportation business owners. 

Holiday promotions can be in the form of additional facilities or discounted prices. 

However, you can apply holiday promotions to other types of businesses. For example, if you have an online business in education. You can give a discount or free registration.

You can imitate the holiday promotions conducted by English First below:

11. Provide Tester / Product Sample

Have you ever been asked to taste a food product when you were in a shopping center? Or have you ever received a creamer bonus when buying coffee products?

Promotion method by offering consumers a product taste (tester) is widely used to determine consumer reactions.  

In practice, the sample / tester promotion can be applied to any business, including online businesses.

With every purchase that a consumer makes, you can include your new product in a small package so that consumers can try out the product. Unlike Gift, the tester promotion is intended to introduce the public to the new product you are launching .

If the consumer response is good enough, you can continue with other promotional ways to hit the market. 

12. Offer Special Prices for Wholesale Purchases

Wholesale prices are special prices given if consumers buy goods in a certain quantity. Promotion of wholesale prices is beneficial for both the consumer and you as a businessman. 

If you want to get your product to sell faster, trying a wholesale price promotion is worth a try. Especially if your competitors also use this method. 

Wholesale price promotions are generally used by fashion, stationery and other businesses. However, in fact all types of businesses can use this strategy. 

13. Distribute the Giveaway

Giveaway is a promotional way to share products. 

As with gift promotions, the products distributed in the giveaway event can be your own or other products. The difference is that the giveaway event requires consumers to make a number of conditions to participate in the event.

For example, the following Instagram account giveaway promotions:

In the event, participants are required to post videos / photos of healthy living activities that are in accordance with the products sold by the business owner. In this way, besides your business products getting attention, you can also reach more people.

Why is that? Because, giveaway events always determine that there are tags to some of the event participants’ followers so that more people get information. 

Media Promotion for Online Business

We have seen various examples of promotions for your online business. Then, what media can we use to carry out all these promotional steps?

The following are online promotional media that you can use according to your product:

1. Blog

Blogs can be used as an effective online promotion medium. 

The reason is, blogs show the existence of your online business. In addition, a well-managed blog can build your business branding in a professional manner. 

Not only that, more than 70% of consumers learn about various products through blogs. 

If you don’t have a blog yet, there’s no need to worry. Creating a blog is easy and can be done relatively quickly. 

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2. Social Media

You can also do promotion through social media if your target market is active social media users. 

However, it’s a good idea to first learn what platforms are used most often. Because, promotional content for Instagram will certainly be different from Twitter. 

Not only that, but the type of product you offer also affects which platform to use. If you want to display a lot of product photos as an advantage, such as food, of course using Instagram is more appropriate.

3. YouTube

If you sell a product that will appear more attractive with a video display, YouTube can be an effective medium.

For example, if you sell beauty products, you could show the process of dressing up using those products. The before-after (before-after) technique is widely used to show how to look beautiful with the cosmetic products on offer.

Using YouTube has two advantages. First, the service is free so you can upload promotional videos at any time for free. Second, you can link product descriptions to your blog or online store website.

4. Email

Using email to promote your product is promising. In fact, a study states that the success rate of email in attracting new customers is 40x better than social media.

Of course, it must be tailored to the product and target market of your business. 

As with the previous JetBlue example, their competitors are also using email promotions. The difference is, JetBlue only focuses on potential customers who have not yet completed a purchase. The results showed that this method could generate 69% more income . 


Promotion for your online business is very important. In order to obtain maximum results, it is necessary to do it right. 

In the explanation above, we have shared many examples of promotions for your online business. All of the above examples can be applied to various types of businesses. However, it must still be in line with your business goals. 

So, now you can try using one or more of the promotional tips above. Good luck!

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