10 Tips To Make Business Fun

As we all know, a great business is built with a winding journey and full of challenges. So, it’s no wonder that many people stop halfway because the business they are doing is not as beautiful as imagined.

Every entrepreneur actually has to work more naturally than employees. Every day we have to think about how to deal with consumers, partners, and not to mention thinking about competition with competitors.

Not surprisingly, this job often makes an entrepreneur feel depressed and stressful. If this happens, of course you will not be able to run the business properly and running the business will not be something fun.

However, there is no need to worry because this can be overcome by carrying out the following 10 tips to make doing business more enjoyable. What is the discussion like? Come on, see along with the review below!

1. Doing Business According to Your Passion

If you are confused about starting a business, try to build on your hobbies and interests. This is very useful, because it will make it easier for you to build a business. The good news is, every time you run the business it will be fun.

If you are still confused about your passion, try to reflect on yourself. Of the 24 hours, what activities make you feel at home so you don’t want to end it. And the most important thing is when you do it, your feelings are very happy and also calm to live it.

For example, if you like reading books, you can open a business selling books that are marketed online and offline. Marketing is quite easy, namely by visiting the book lovers community that you know.

Besides being able to make money, you will also feel happy because your hobby can be done at the same time as the business being built.

2. Running a Business from Home

One of the factors that make running a business unpleasant is thinking about the cost of renting a place that is quite expensive and not necessarily strategic. Therefore, as a beginner businessman, it is better to run a business from home first.

If the business is run from home, of course, it will save space costs. And you can focus more on marketing products or building relationships.

Another advantage if you work from home is that you don’t have to arrange trips to work. Because traffic jams and also in a hurry are often a trigger factor for stress.

In addition, you can also meet family members every day without missing a moment with them. If you have run this point, then you can do business with more fun.

Even though you are doing business from home, you still have to have special working hours and rooms so you can focus on doing it.

3. Running a Business with Family

Doing business with other people can often affect your mood to run it. If the other person’s vision and mission do not suit you, then running a business will not be fun.

Therefore, before running a business, there is nothing wrong with finding partners who are in accordance with your vision and mission.

For example, doing business with your family is a good choice if you are among those who find it difficult to mix or trust other people.

But it must be remembered! That business is still a business that must be prepared for the worst that is experienced. This means that to clarify the cooperation between you and your family, an agreement that is mutually agreed upon must be made.

This is to avoid misunderstandings and also divisions between families.

In addition to making an agreement, don’t forget to always communicate with the slightest business development.

That way, you can run a fun business. Whether it’s from the environment or business systems that are both to run.

4. Running a business according to the vision of life

The main purpose of business is to seek profit. However, not always these benefits can make you happy if the process is not in accordance with your conscience.

If so, you will gradually complain that running a business is not fun for you.

Therefore, to run a fun business can be adjusted with your life vision and mission.

For example, if you want Indonesia with a harmonious and prosperous family, then you can create a business related to this.

You can open a seminar business on pre-marriage and post-marriage where the material it applies is about building a harmonious and prosperous family.

Apart from seminars, you can also write books related to your life vision and mission. The more you are recognized as an expert in this field, the wider you will be to build a business that is tailored to your life vision.

5. Serious But Relaxed


Running a business really needs to be done seriously. However, sometimes running the business is made relaxed and also enjoys every process.

Remember! That life is not everything that can live eternally. Hanging out with people you love or doing things you love is sometimes necessary.

This is very useful to be able to enjoy every effort that you have done. Even being relaxed will add positive energy to yourself so you can do something even better.

And the most important thing in business is, do what you have planned. And do according to the corridor. So, if that is the case, the business that is carried out will be fun.

6. Don’t Forget to Smile

If business has started to feel unpleasant, maybe there is something inside you forgot to do, namely smile. Smiling is easy to do, but very hard to start with.

Too many business targets, often master yourself to be able to do this. Therefore, try to smile so that something around you feels better and more fun, especially in terms of doing business.

Of course, you will be very uncomfortable if you see a shopkeeper who makes a sullen face every day. You can be sure that no more customers will come to the store because of this little thing.

So, don’t forget to smile whether it’s for your family, business team, partners or customers. From the smallest things you do can have a huge impact on the business you run.

7. Take a vacation

Vacationing can make running a business fun. Because with a vacation, it will make the pressure on yourself and the stress you face disappear.

For a vacation, you don’t need to spend a quite expensive budget. You can take a vacation on foot enjoying the natural scenery around the house.

Or you can also carry out other activities such as visiting relatives’ homes, gathering together with your old friends, or just filling in useful activities with your family.

By taking a break for a vacation, you will have new energy to be able to run a business more fun.

8. Build a Little Sense of Humor with Your Team

Of course, you want a solid work team and a very pleasant working atmosphere. This will never build, if you as a leader are too serious in exploring work.

Therefore, it never hurts to build a little sense of humor between you and your employees. Doing so can lighten your workload. Conveying a little sense of humor can be the most powerful stress remedy.


By getting used to doing this, the business that you build with your work team will feel more fun.

If you don’t have a team, there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional time to watch television or reading books that make you happier.

9. Looking for Friends Not Opponents

It cannot be denied that in business there is always competition. This competition cannot actually be eliminated because it can increase your enthusiasm in building a business.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you have to focus on finding your opponent, but there’s nothing wrong with making them your friends.

With many friends, the heart will be at ease to run a business because many people help out of a sense of brotherhood that is built together.

Making your business bigger and growing is fun, but it means nothing if you don’t have real friends around you.

10. Always Think Positive

In any situation, positive thinking is a powerful way to make the situation around you more enjoyable.

So, if you want to run a business to be very enjoyable, you must be able to think positively about the events you are facing.

Do not let negative thoughts, always control yourself so that you can never run a business in a fun way.

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To be able to always think positively, you can start by hanging out with positive people around you. Where they can be an encouragement for you to run a business.

Factors Cause Stress In A Businessman

Everyone has experienced stress. Whether it’s because of work, family and so on. Stress on a businessman is also very vulnerable to experience because they have a big enough responsibility to be able to develop it.

However, this can be overcome in a number of ways, which are described below.

But before talking about it, it’s good to know the factors that cause a businessman to experience stress. Then, what are the causes? Here He is the explanation!

1. Failure to build a business
2. Do not have self-confidence
3. Not satisfied with the results achieved
4. Family problems that do not go away
5. The ability of the work team does not match expectations
6. Lack of rest

Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

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