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What is WordPress (WP) hosting?

WordPress hosting is a web host that can house a built blog (or website) WordPress.

Technically, there is no such thing as “WordPress hosting”. Any supported server PHP 5.2.4 (or higher) and MySQL 5.0 (or higher) can host a WordPress website.

Any shared hosting that supports one-click WordPress installation and provides WordPress development tools (such as WordPress staging and caching) can be a good host for your WordPress website.

Now, let us study the specific recommendations and why one platform is chosen over another. We will review and compare some of the best WP hosting providers below.

1. SiteGround

WordPress hosting hosted by SiteGround
SiteGround WordPress hosting plans and prices.


SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plan is a bit of a mystery to me. I say this because of a combination of several things. First, of course, the price starting at $6.99 per month, this price is only higher than the price of standard shared hosting services and much lower than prices like Kinsta.

At the same time, they provided a similar customized architecture for BlueHost, and Bluehost started using WordPress hosting at a monthly price of 19.99.

The problem is, I have heard many good things about SiteGround, and I have experienced their services for myself. These services are usually excellent. So how is this pricing possible?

Unfortunately, I must give you the answer temporarily. Maybe one day we will discover how SiteGround can provide such a high-quality service at this price.

Notable WordPress features at SiteGround

  • Automatic WordPress transfer
  • SiteGround Super Cacher-WordPress special cache
  • SG-Git for WordPress repo creation


  • Excellent hosting speed and reliability (strong uptime
  • Multiple server location selections
  • Recommended by
  • Useful online chat support
  • 1- Click WP staging to pre-install GIT for WordPress development


  • Expensive renewal price

2. BlueHost

BlueHost WordPress plan

BlueHost WordPress hosting plans and pricing.


Starting from 19.95 a month, BlueHost as a managed WordPress hosting service provider has extremely competitive prices. I’m sure they can do this because they rely on many proprietary elements instead of working with large dogs like Google Cloud and Genesis.

Take the speed they claim as an example-this is driven by an internal custom architecture that aims to optimize the WordPress experience. Since the expensive core is internally driven, they then use the partnership with other providers to enhance the MOJO market offering.

Interesting fact: BlueHost is owned by the Endurance International Group – the company also has HostGator’s and the iPage.


  • Custom WordPress optimization architecture
  • Custom control panel
  • Integrated SiteLock security features


  • Recommended by
  • A web host with a proven track record of nearly 20 years
  • There is enough room for development-users can to upgrade the hosting server to VPS and dedicated hosting at a reasonable price


  • Price increase during the renewal
  • Most server upgrades require additional costs

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3. TMD Hosting

TMD hosting WP hosting transaction

TMD fully managed WordPress hosting-now offers 65%.


TMD Hosting has existed for more than 10 years and is considered a reliable choice for those who need high-quality web hosting. The company offers cheap managed WordPress hosting services, which are pre-configured to provide the best performance for WordPress sites.

What is the best thing about TMD? Their prices are very competitive. At a price of $2.95/mo, users can host a WordPress site on the NGINX web server through basic caching (for laymen, this means the server is fast). If you are a bit fuller and use the TMD Business WordPress plan, you will get unlimited hosting, including free domain names, standard SSL, NGINX web server, Memcache instance 128 MB, and advanced WordPress support.

Notable WordPress features hosted on TMD

  • Pre-built WordPress environment
  • NGINX web server and Memcache instance 128MB
  • Bit Ninja real-time malware protection


  • Server performance is good
  • Choose from six hosting locations
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Newly registered big discount (use promo code “WHSR7”)
  • Provide excellent customer support based on our experience


  • Some minor problems with automatic backup
  • Price increases after the first term

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4. Kinsta

Kinsta hosted WordPress
Kinsta WordPress hosting plans and pricing.


Starting at a steep $30 per month for WordPress hosting, Kinsta is a bit expensive. However, as always, the devil is in the details, and I will share with you a very good reason for Kinsta pricing. Your plan is built on a combination of Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7, and MariaDB, all of which are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform for lightning speed. Essentially, you will build an infrastructure based on Google.

This includes the use of cloud technologies, including Google APIs, Cloud SQL, and computing engines, and even big data services. As far as the functionality of WordPress is concerned, if you go with Kinsta, you will log in with Big Dog.+

Read Kinsta’s comprehensive review.

Notable features in Kinsta

  • Scale as needed-hosting is powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Free site migration with built-in database search and replace tool
  • Built-in DDoS detection, hardware firewall, and uptime monitoring
  • Choose 18 server locations

Please note that Kinsta is the only WordPress host-you cannot use this proposer to host other types of websites.


  • Excellent server speed and hosting uptime
  • WordPress expert support
  • 18 data center locations all over the world
  • A very long list of developer-friendly features
  • Customized control panel, both impressive and intuitive


  • This is expensive for blogs running multiple low-traffic websites
  • WordPress-only hosting-does not support email

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5. WP engine

WP Engine WordPress hosting plans and pricing.


Starting with even Kinsta, prices have risen, WP Engine starts at 35 per month, and so does a single WordPress installation site. At first glance, their features are impressive, including services such as Amazon S3 integration and Global CDN.

However, I think their key selling point is that they are building websites Genesis Framework. Genesis is a huge ecosystem of WordPress parts, essentially what you need to assemble the best WordPress website in building blocks.

From speed to security and even aesthetics, there is something in the Genesis framework that can simply scream “professional WordPress”-that’s the price you pay.

View WP Engine user reviews and server test results.

Notable features in WP Engine

  • Provide Genesis Framework
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Strong partner ecosystem

Please note that WP Engine is a WordPress-only host, which means you cannot use this proposer to host other types of websites.


  • Genesis Framework
  • Agile developer environment-ready to develop and stage the site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee without a lock-in contract


  • The cost of running multiple WP sites is high
  • No mail hosting
  • Cannot directly access .htaccess file

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Everything you need to know about managed/unmanaged WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting providers usually have their own hybrid services to support their products. Some of them are unique, such as SiteGround’s advanced caching services.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of some top managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting providers, instead of trying to argue about one’s advantages.

What is hosting WP hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting aims to be a concierge service, and the host will provide its users with hands-free WordPress installation and management. However, from what I see today, the term has loosened and evolved to generally include web hosting with a wide range of WordPress specific features.

In the course of the research, you may have met many WordPress hosting companies and found that in some cases the price of WordPress hosting is much higher than the average shared hosting price, and you can get as low as $2.75 per month.

If you are like most people, then you might think:

  • Why is there such a big price difference?
  • Is it better to manage WordPress hosting?
  • Do I need to host WordPress hosting for my website?
  • Is it worth the cost to manage WordPress hosting?
  • Which part of WordPress will be managed for me?

A web hosting service specific to WordPress only, why?

Let’s start with the basics: due to the popularity of WordPress ( they power 35% of the internet ), many web hosting providers have chosen to add specially managed WordPress hosting to their list of services.

Managed WordPress hosting is a service provided by some web hosting companies that have decided to provide specialized WordPress services. The main difference between various managed WordPress hosting services is the level of service provided.

For example, the web hosting service provider may decide to provide a 1-click WordPress installation utility as well as automatic WordPress updates; you can manage WordPress hosting.

On the other hand, you can have a hosting service provider that manages WordPress, which provides a WordPress-specific architecture, provides you with automatic updates, backups, and even WordPress dedicated caching services, designed to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

How is managed WordPress hosting different?

Let us consider some items that WordPress hosting providers may offer.

  1. Dedicated WordPress cache

If you use some form of caching, you can optimize WordPress to serve pages faster. If you have run a WordPress website before, you will know that some plugins can perform this operation, such as W3 total cache, fast performance, and WP fastest cache. However, in some cases, web hosts have designed their own cachers, which are optimized for their servers, which can provide advantages over common WordPress caching plugins.


SiteGround provides a dedicated WordPress plugin ( SG optimizer ) and a three-level cache option ( SuperCacher ) to improve the loading speed of the website.

2.Developer friendly and dedicated security


As a popular and constantly updated content management platform, WordPress often needs to install updates to cover various items, such as enhancements or security updates. Some hosts can perform automatic updates for you without having to perform this operation frequently.

In addition, since WordPress allows developers to build plug-ins to work closely with its core, it is also very susceptible to 3 RD party errors, conflicts, and loopholes. Some hosts provide enhanced service WordPress, you can perform a security audit on these 3 rd party tools for your safety.


Hosting WP hosting special feat-example
Kinsta supports WP-CLI, SSH, Git and WordPress temporary areas.

3. Expert WordPress support

Many users claim these things are invaluable, and in many cases, a key difference is the level of support extended to managed WordPress hosting users. Usually, your support is provided by real WordPress experts who are very skilled in service, not just general web technical support staff.


Hosting WP hosting special feat-example
WP Engine employs 200 WordPress experts to provide support for its customers.

4. Customized dashboard

Again because you are logging into WordPress-specific hosting, your host may provide you with a custom dashboard to manage your WordPress site and installation. Take the Plesk WordPress dashboard below as an example. You can manage updates from this single page, log in, and even clone instances.


Hosting WP hosting special feat-example
View detailed statistics, manage DNS settings, and access advanced site tools on the Kinsta dashboard.

Are these hosting plans on shared servers?

This depends on.

As mentioned earlier, the key to managing WordPress hosting is the fine print. Shared hosting services usually only mean that you will get web resources shared with other users on a single server. What you do with these resources in that space is up to you.

For example, you can use HTML and some scripts to build and run a static website, you can run Joomla or Drupal -it could be anything.

Managed WordPress hosting recognizes that you intend to run WordPress exclusively from your hosting account. Therefore, these resources and extensions to your facilities are specifically optimized for WordPress.

Shared hosting

  • A hosting plan where you can share server resources with other users.
  • Average price: $5-$15/mo.
  • The user manually completes the WordPress update and maintenance.
  • There are no special tools or technical support developed by WordPress.
  • There are no adjustments for WordPress performance and security.

WP hosting

  • It is regularly hosted, and its additional services and performance are optimized specifically for WordPress sites-it can be a shared or VPS platform.
  • The average price is $30-$200/mo.
  • WordPress is updated and maintained by the hosting company.
  • Segmentation and multi-site functions developed by WordPress.
  • Better technical-support for WordPress-related issues.
  • Better security-WordPress special security rules and features.
  • Better speed-a server specifically configured for WordPress.

When do you need a hosting plan?

At first, I thought the matter was clear and the question was easy to answer. However, after further deliberation (and other ideas), the waters became a bit confusing. I’m at a point in time. I’m weighing the advantages and disadvantages of virtual private networks, buying a new phone and other things-these are great, but what I can do is what I can’t do.

To make matters worse, I had to think from a business perspective and from a website perspective of different sizes. Maybe I can start with what I think is the ideal candidate for managed WordPress hosting.

Is Managed WordPress hosting right for you?
Hmm… should I jump in?

Yes – SMEs

Yes, this is absolutely correct. The concept of managed WordPress hosting is just screaming synergy with commercial websites. The plan effectively combines convenience, speed and security, and all the key elements that an enterprise site should consider.

If you want to run any payment infrastructure through your website, the added security element is even more important.

 Yes – lots of websites

If you are running a very busy WordPress site (a large blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, or a large news site with multiple authors), then yes, I think this is also possible, just because Time will move away from the owner of the website. These hosting plans also provide WordPress expertise that can be utilized.

 No-ambitious website owner

Maybe. You don’t have traffic, you don’t have enough staff skills to build a world-class website, you can use some help. And A hosted WordPress host can provide you with additional support. The question is are you willing to pay for it?

This is not an easy choice, because the price will usually come at the cost of built-in features and other features (you have to pay for this under a normal shared hosting plan) (based on a price of $5/mo, our market research ).

 No-Start Blogger

will not. Even if you fall into a category that you think might be an “ambitious website owner,” start at the bottom. You need to learn somewhere, it’s totally stupid to get a spoon feed and pay a high price for managing WordPress hosting. In any case, you are unlikely to need to provide many features.

Final thoughts

Personally, I think this is really a concierge service. I think Managed WordPress hosting usually provides at least some form of benefits, but it is not for everyone. As I listed above, before considering Managed WordPress Hosting, please consider your situation.

The point I want to emphasize is technical ability. I think that if your goal is to have a successful high-volume website, then technical skills, at least basic technical skills, should be part of your skills.

This is not rocket science, there are hundreds of tutorials and forums to learn, you must go to the playground to play with WWW. Ignoring technology completely is pure laziness-it may cost you someday.

With this, the decision is in your hands.

Wait, how about

In September 2018, there were more than XNUMX billion articles published on WordPress (the highest activity in history- source ). and is the website where you can download the WordPress application used to build the website. is a service website operated by Automattic, Inc., where you can build and host your WordPress website. is currently the most popular blogging platform, and for good reason.

Its existing templates are very easy to use, and even the most up-to-date website architects can browse them to create a beautiful professional website-not to mention that for experienced developers, the website is highly customizable. also comes with thousands of ready-made plugins and built-in website indicators.

I personally do not recommend to provide any hosting plans because their plans have too many restrictions. For example, you need to subscribe to the Business Plan ($25 or more per month) to remove the brand and install custom plugins; basic third-party integration can only be done in the premium plan (starting at $8/mo) or higher version.

Most importantly, it is completely free!

It sounds pretty good? not really. There are several issues to understand when using

  1. Limited monetization-for many bloggers, their blog is the business-which means they need to make money through it. But applies a lot of restrictions on users’ blogs-for example, no affiliate links are allowed.
  2. Ugly domain name-The built-in hosting in provides website owners with some selected domain names-this means they can choose their own domain name, but the system will add an extra string at the end of it; the result is a very Long URL (similar to is not only difficult for potential visitors to remember.

The paid hosting service providers mentioned above provide greater flexibility for storage, advertising space, security, and website portability.

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