How to Crack or Reset ZIP Passwords File || Fast Crack ||

We are living in a world that is modern and this modern time we use electronic devices (PC, Mobile ) in this electronic devices there is much important files. That’s files need hard Password to Protect from RED HAT HACKER’s. But sometime we will forgot this hard passwords and this’s need to be recover. We will try many times “what i have learnt about passwords” but it make us worried if we will failed many times. So that we use tool that need direction of password and this tool named fcrackzip. And in this post you see How to Crack or Reset ZIP Passwords File || Fast Crack ||.

So this tool is fast to crack and uses two methods that is 1. Brute-force and 2. Word-list Attack. This tool can run on windows, Linux and Mac. This tool is just like HashCat and John the Ripper but this is only for ZIP files. So Let’s done our installation. To see How to Crack or Reset ZIP Passwords File || Fast Crack ||

Installing in Windows

Download it from it’s official website : for longer times this site isn’t update. And also this tool isn’t update for long time because this is very old tool. In this is file there are two tool where fcrackzip.exe is for cracking and zipinfo.exe if for getting information about that zip file.

  • Download Tool from above any of the link
  • After downloading Extract this tool by WinRar or default windows extractor
  • After extracting open command prompt in this directory (where you have extracted your tool)
    1. Shortcut way to open command prompt in current directory
    2. Click at here where you are directory (left side of search bar)
    3. Click here
    4. then enter : cmd
    5. press enter button then it will open in this directory

opening cmd in current directory
opening cmd in current directory

  • In command prompt window
  • Enter :


  • it will but about it help, enter command
     fcrackzip --help
  • So now it have been successfully installed

Installing in Kali Linux

In Linux there doesn’t need any software to download it. It only need package name to install. So let’s dig in steps

  • open your terminal
  • Enter command (here sudo doesn’t require if you are root)
     sudo apt-get install fcrackzip
  • Getting error that “unable to locate package fcrackzip”
    • This error is because this files doesn’t exists in repository
  • So let’s fix this error (installing deb files for fcrackzip)
    • Enter command
      sudo dpkg -i fcrackzip_1.0-10_amd64.deb
    • Is your problem is solved? If not comment it below.
  • So it Installed successfully.

Cracking Password

If you want to use brutefore with low-end PC then it take significant time.
In this password recovery i will use bruteforce attack because it doesn’t let you make wordlist and take time if wordlist is large with low-end PC.

  • For it’s mannual and for more info in Kali linux Enter command :
    main fcrackzip

  • To see fcrackzip benchmark ( how much it slow )
  • Enter command
      fcrackzip -B
  • Have seen how much it can? … as me, i am trying on laptop that 2GB ram.

  • Enter command (getting password )
     fcrackzip -b -c a1
  • Here
    1. -b == bruteforce attack or you can use instead of wordlist attack by -D
    2. -c = charset (charset mean what you have been used in your password
      1. In this charset option you can use this :
      2. a” use this if your password have small chars
      3. A” use this if your password have capital chars
      4. 1” use this if your password have numeric char
      5. !” use this if your password have symbols
  • Wait for sometime it will crack

Getting Error Comment it below.

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