How Much is the Salary for a Python Programmer? The details are here

It’s no secret that Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. This popularity is evident in the large number of people who want to learn Python, as well as the growing number of companies looking for people who know how to use Python. It’s not unusual! Given the need for the use of the Python programming language, this popularity should not come as a surprise. It’s just that maybe not many people know about the salary of a Python programmer. If you are interested in this topic, then you have come to the right place!

We will start by discussing the Python programming language itself. Don’t worry, we won’t go into too much detail. I will briefly discuss what a Python programmer is and what a Python programmer does. After that, we will discuss the grouping types of Python programmers. After that, then we can analyze the question of how much Python programmer salary actually is.

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How Much Does a Python Programmer Salary: An Introduction

What exactly do Python programmers do? What are their responsibilities and duties? If you want to become a Python programmer, then this article will give you a good overview of your expectations. Moreover, you can also better understand why there are many companies that are willing to spend a lot of money to pay Python programmer salaries.

In general, Python programmers have several main tasks. First of all, they are responsible for the coding process of a program or application. Usually these programmers are also the main programmers of a company involved in back-end development and integration. In simple terms, the Python programming language can help programmers to make important coding of a program or software.

Sounds great, but why use the Python programming language? Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn, especially if you are a beginner. Even though it’s popular, don’t get me wrong about the variations in its use. Python is very interactive, portable and object-oriented. All of these features are very important of a programming language. Besides that, Python is also easy to learn and easy to use (especially when compared to other programming languages).

That way, you have an idea of ​​the responsibilities of a Python programmer (and this is the reason why the Python programmer salary is not low). Next we will discuss about the types of Python programmers out there.

The Main Types of Python Programmers

If you have worked in an office, then you probably already know that there are several special labels in a company. For example if you want to work as a bartender, and this is the first time you want to work as a bartender, then you will be labeled as an entry-level or junior. This kind of labeling is very common in many companies, including industries that use the Python programming language.

Broadly speaking, there are three main groups of Python programmers:  entry-level, junior  and  advanced . All three have different motivations, responsibilities and – most importantly – different salaries. That’s important why we cover these groupings before starting to analyze how much a Python programmer actually costs. Once you have an idea of ​​the questions for these three groups, then you will understand why there is a difference in income between the three. Immediately, we discuss the first, namely the entry-level Python programmer.

Entry-Level Python Programmer

As with most jobs out there, entry-level Python programmers are those who are just getting into the world of programming and are trying to adapt. There are at least two types of entry-level:

  • University graduates (or Junior and Senior students) who have recently earned a diploma and are looking for a job to start their career as a Python programmer. And also if we talk about the student context, there are students who are also looking for internships to get KP (Credit Points) by doing fieldwork (to train their abilities) in a company.
  • There are also those who have never received formal programming education before, apart from online learning, courses or self-taught, and they want to build a career as a programmer. They want to get entry-level programmer positions so they can apply what they have learned and prove to companies that formal education is not always mandatory to start a career as a Python programmer.

Junior Python Programmer

The junior category of the IT world is probably the most difficult topic to discuss, especially in the context of Python. It’s just that I’ll cover this later when we start analyzing how much is a Python Junior programmer salary. For now, we will discuss what Python Junior programmer really is.

Python Junior Programmers are those who have at least 1-3 years of experience in using the Python programming language. They have at least decided that programming is their career. Furthermore, they still have to prove to companies that they are highly motivated to learn and keep growing. Junior Python programmers are usually given experimental assignments by most companies. This task is usually intended to help someone develop their programming skills, and also to test whether these programmers know what to do.

So, how much is a junior Python programmer salary? It’s actually very difficult to guess because of its uncertain nature. You may think that the numbers I can give are average, but they are not (although not inaccurate!).

Senior Python Programmer

The third category – senior Python programmers – are highly respected veterans of the industry. Senior programmers have dedicated their lives to the world of programming. This dedication has been proven through work etiquette as well as how much senior programmer salary they earn!

It is undeniable that senior programmers earn the most of the three groups. The Python programmer salary they get is often the benchmark for discussions about programmer income. But remember, this conclusion is only one sided!

It’s easy to talk about money, but we also need to be aware of what the duties (and demands) are for a senior Python programmer. Apart from having to do the most difficult tasks, they are also usually encouraged to help beginners who are just learning. Due to their large duties and responsibilities, it is not surprising that the salary of a senior Python programmer is also big!

How Much is the Salary for a Python Programmer?

Now you have an overview of the three types of Python programmers. Next, we will discuss the main points of this article, which is the salary of a Python programmer. We will start from the entry-level, then continue to the senior level.

Entry-Level Python Programmer Salary

Entry-level Python programmers usually earn relatively little or no salary (usually if they want to collect Credit Points for coursework). Let’s take a look at the “entry-level programmer salary” in the world of Python.

python-developer-salary estimates that the beginner Python programmer salary is around  $ 73,700  per year (that’s  $ 6141  per month). Really  small , huh? This amount is double the average salary of people in the United States (the average monthly salary in the US is about  $ 3700 )!

One thing is for sure, this number alone is enough to inspire people to start careers as a programmer. This number illustrates precisely this trend.

Junior Python Programmer salary

As I mentioned earlier, the junior Python programmer salary (and not just limited to the IT world) is very difficult to estimate objectively. What is the reason?

Junior programmers are somewhere between entry-level and senior positions. Even if there are no objective boundaries that can determine these groupings, there is always some uncertainty that arises. Most of the juniors were those who had just made the transition from entry-level. On the other hand, there were also those who had almost reached the senior level. That’s why junior programmer salaries are so volatile.

Let’s take a look at the estimates given by  ZipRecruiter about junior Python programmer salaries.


The junior Python programmer salary is around  $ 87,000 per year ( $ 7,250  per month). This is a huge number! Even though it is only slightly different by about $ 1000 from entry-level, we have to assume that there is a difference between the number of beginners and those who are seniors.

Senior Python Programmer salary

Now we’ve reached the final set, which is the senior Python programmer salary. Immediately, we see the estimate.


ZipRecruiter estimates that the senior Python programmer salary is around  $ 123,000 per year ( $ 10,250 per month). With this number, it makes perfect sense if there are lots of people who want to learn the Python programming language. This salary amount is like a dream!

But remember –  with a large salary, the responsibility is also big  (you know this reference?). This number sounds too big to be true, but it really is. Senior Python programmers spend most of their life mastering Python. It makes perfect sense that their income also reflects those sacrifices.

What Is More Than Just A Salary?

After discussing the Python programmer salary, there is one final point I also want to cover.

Most people looking to start a career as a Python programmer are only impressed by the amount of salary they will get. There are things they forget. You need to know that the Python programmer salary is not the only reason why you have a career as a programmer.

Python programmers usually work for cool charities (usually entry-level as well as juniors). This type of work is great because you have a lot of room to express creativity. You can generate ideas, discuss strategies and also learn and thrive in a creative environment.

What’s more, this type of work gives programmers an opportunity to participate in conferences, seminars, free vacations, birthday parties, etc. You can feel that you are valued and not just an auto part in the company’s spinning machine.

So, my point is – the entry-level, junior or senior Python programmer salary is just one side of a coin. If you want to start a career as a Python programmer, then you should also consider the other aspects a job can provide!


As I mentioned earlier, the Python programming language is a very popular language to learn. In fact, it’s popularity is increasing every year. As a result of this popularity, you will see how much competition there is to work as a Python programmer. There are many programmers competing for the best position. On the other hand, more and more technology companies also need great and professional programmers. This need creates a competitive salary, bonuses as an employee, as well as the perfect work environment for work and study.

Thus, I hope this article discussing the Python programmer salary can be of use to you. Whether you want to start a career in the world of Python or just read out of curiosity, I hope all of your questions have been answered! If you have already learned the Python programming language, then I hope this article can inspire you. Whatever the reason, good luck!

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