Best Programming Language in 2020

Learning languages ​​has long been recommended to improve abilities. But in this digital age, programming languages ​​are the best choice compared to English or any language. There are a number of Magic recommendation programming languages ​​that are suitable for beginners and you might begin to understand.

Expertise in the field of computers and the internet is now the most selling thing in the world of work. You can have a better career and of course more income if you have the skills in this regard. Including also when you master a programming language that is useful for creating applications, websites or other digital products that require an operating system.

If you don’t have this ability yet, it’s not too late to start now. You can take courses or learn self-taught to master it. But the first step you have to do is choose the programming language you want to master.

Yes, this computer language is not only composed of one type but varies. Therefore, you need to choose which one is most useful for you. Each language has a different character and of course with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Magic Recommended Programming Language, Friendly for Beginners to Learn
Making website is now a necessity of many parties. The benefits as a storefront in the online world have begun to be felt by many people so that their needs are also increasing. To be able to make this website then you need to understand about programming languages.

Indeed, there are now many agencies or services that allow you to order a website. Just order, pay and receive the results according to the desired domain address. But it would be nice if you could make it yourself. At least you have to master the basics if a problem occurs later or you want to make changes yourself.

Sometimes there are some settings that require programming skills. For example, changing a few lines of code so that the display matches what the user wants. In some cases, this will require programming skills so that the display can be adjusted to what is desired.

On the other hand, this additional skill can also open the way for you to increase your income. For example, by opening an application or website creation service for small entrepreneurs. Or if you already have a career as an IT Developer, you can add to your work portfolio.

The programming language is a standard instruction to order a computer to perform certain functions. In the world of IT work, we know there are many programming languages ​​that need to be mastered and studied by IT workers in a company.

This is because the development of the IT world is indeed so fast, the mastery of programming languages ​​that need to be learned must follow the trends and needs that develop in the industrial world.

Maybe for those of you who are not IT graduates, have never known and studied programming languages. However, usually when you are still in high school, generally you never get computer subjects that discuss about Visual Basic, this subject also deals with programming languages.

In addition to graduates from IT education and its equivalents, basic programming languages ​​are also obtained by other majors. One of them is an industrial engineering major that studies basic C ++ programming languages.

Even though you are not an IT graduate, don’t be discouraged, guys! Why? Because, you can still learn basic programming languages ​​through websites for free like at W3School.

Now for those of you who currently work as IT Developers, it helps you learn the following 7 2020 programming languages.

1. Python

Python is still one of the recommendation programming languages ​​that you need to learn for all developers. Why?

Because this language is easy to learn and is considered good enough to build web applications. Where, Python can be used for web and desktop applications, GUI-based desktop applications, machine learning, data insight, and network servers.

This computing language is also used by many large companies. Noted big companies like NASA, Instragam, Google, Yahoo, Reddit, and also the popular YouTube video streaming site use it as a basis for operations.

Although this recommendation programming language has been around for a long time, Pyhton is still one of the most popular programming languages ​​that is still popular today. Which, if you master this programming language, you can get a lot involved in freelance projects.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin is an easy programming language for you to learn to develop Android applications, web development, desktop development, and server development. Moreover, Kotlin has now been established as a second language that is supported for use in creating Android applications on Android Studio.

Of course this increases the chances of your work being used because of the growing number of Android users. Kotlin is a recommendation programming language that you really need to learn if you currently want to work as an Android Developer and Programmer in 2020. Moreover, in the coming year mobile-based application development is considered to be massive.

Another reason is that this system is so easy to learn for beginners. Kotlin is designed to use existing elements with improvements in certain parts so that the coding process becomes more enjoyable without significant obstacles.

3. Java

Java is still a recommendation programming language to be studied until 2020. Because, Java is still a favorite to be used to develop applications from the server side. Java is a practical choice for developing Android applications because it can be used to create highly functional programs and platforms.

This programming language is indeed the main system used for Android applications. The power of open source makes Java easy to develop and is known by many developers. Therefore Java is a programming language that must be mastered. It’s incomplete to learn to be a programmer if you don’t have skills in this computing language.

Learning Java is easier than you learn C ++ and C. In fact, almost 90% of the 500 fortune companies use Java for desktop applications and backend project development. Nothing wrong, if the Java programming language is in great demand by programmers in 2020.

4. JavaScript / NodeJSS

JavaScript or also known as NodeJSS is the best programming language for server and client development. This is because JavaScript is compatible with several other programming languages. Which, this allows you to create animations, manage buttons, and manage multimedia.

Let’s say a few companies and big startups make their web pages dynamic by using JavaScript like Uber, Netflix, and Paypal. Because of this, it’s possible for this system to be the most suitable for you to try it the first time.

The advantages of Javascript such as it does not require large memory resources, dynamic, and easy to develop. As for the drawbacks, the script used in Javascript is not encrypted, not for developing stand alone applications, and has limited objects.

5. TypeScript

TypeScript is a JavaScript-based programming language that adds features such as strong-typing and classic OOP programming concepts. TypeScript is called super-set which means all JavaScript languages ​​are TypeScript code too.

This programming language is very useful for developing large applications with a tight syntax and fewer errors. This Language staying digadang will be the successor or successor to JavaScript in the future. Its use is also increasingly massive so it fits if you want to learn about this system.

6. Go

The Go or Golang programming language has open-source and free characters. Initially, this language was developed by Google to realize the ideal programming language. Its existence is expected to be able to replace languages ​​such as Java and C ++, where this language is very good if you use it to develop a serverless ecosystem.

This programming language uses declarations and packages that are carried by the Pascal, Oberon, and Modula languages. And, also other languages ​​such as Newsqueak and Limbo to embed program hardening in programming languages.

With a focus on speed / efficiency, reliability, scale, and simplicity, this language is made to take advantage of existing systems. For example, the Go language which has an easy-to-understand coding system such as Python or JavaScript.

7. Swift

Swift is a programming language created by technology giant Apple, specifically to develop IOS applications. In fact, the top 110 App Store applications show that 42% of these applications already use the Swift programming language, which incidentally is promoted and popularized by the Apple company.

Swift is indeed a programming language that you need to learn when you want to be involved in the world of IOS application development which has a very broad market. Swift itself works on native iOS and macOS applications.

In addition, Swift is also very influenced by other programming languages ​​such as Python and Ruby. The main advantage of this computing system is its security aspect because it has a very good memory management.

Knowing and Learning Programming Languages ​​that are Popular in 2020 Can Help Your Career Growth

Understanding and knowing which programming languages ​​are popular today and relevant to the development of the industry is very good for your future career journey as an IT Developer.

Why? Because by following trends related to programming languages that are being widely used by the industrial world, you have more sales value than others. The seven best programming languages of 2020 above are sought after by world-class companies even such as Apple, Paypal and so on.

The more programming languages you learn and master, isn’t that a good sign for your future career growth? Especially if this is related to the IT industry, where changes in technological trends are very easy to change so you have to quickly adjust the capabilities desired by the market.

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