Best 10+ Video Editing Software – Hello content creators! No need to be confused to edit videos. This is a list of recommendations for lightweight PC video editing applications that you can use. Choose the best according to your own.

Whatever your profession, when planning to edit videos, of course, requires a capable video editing application. This is so that the resulting video has good quality and interesting.

Actually it’s not just the application. In addition to adjusting to the capacity of a PC or laptop, the ability to edit videos must also be owned.

Therefore, if you do not have qualified abilities. You must learn separately for yourself regarding the operation or how to edit it.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe is a large company engaged in software. One of the famous for editing videos is Adobe Premiere Pro. This application is very doubtful about its ability to edit videos. Therefore, many people use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro provides quite complete features. Many useful features exist in this software. If only for simple purposes such as capture, titler, and trim, it is clear that there certainly is.

Adobe Premiere Pro is also capable of high quality video editing and even 4K resolution. It also supports many formats because it is equipped with a complete codec. Different from most other PC video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro has a very cool appearance. This software can also be used to edit effects.

However, if you are still unfamiliar with video editing, maybe you still have to learn more if you want to operate it. Because this software is quite complicated to operate.

Make sure your computer / laptop specifications are high if you want to use this application. If not, it will definitely feel very heavy or even unable to work at all. The installation file is also quite large, so you must prepare a large space for this application as well.

Certainly, with cool features offered, this application is definitely not free. But you can try the Free Trial package for free before buying.

2. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a PC video editing application that is quite lightweight. Therefore, this application is one of the right choices for you.

One of the advantages possessed is equipped with a video cache. That is a feature that can be easily used to edit videos with Full-HD resolution and high speed.

Another advantage possessed by this application is that it can separate videos, cut, embed audio, provide text and much more.

In addition, this application also has 300 transition effects that will make videos more creative. Download AVS Video Editor.

3. VirtualDub

If you need a free and lightweight video editing software, then VirtualDub can be the right choice. VirtualDub can be downloaded on Windows.

In addition, VirtualDub is also included in the category of software that is simple and not complicated when used. You can delete and replace videos with this application.

Besides functioning as a video editor, this application can also be used to record your PC screen. Download VirtualDub here.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

This application made by Sony is more intended for people who are experts in video editing because the features provided are quite complex.

If you are familiar with things related to video editing, you can certainly produce cool and interesting videos using Sony Vegas Pro.

Even if it’s said to professionals, you can still find displays that are easy to understand. For example, the timeline displayed is quite simple.

In addition, you only need to drag the video to be edited and this application will directly divide it into 2 columns. Ie the video column and the sound column.

You will also be given animation features that are already provided without having to make your own animation. In addition, there are still many cool features that are also found in this application.

But unfortunately, Sony Vegas Pro is not a free application that you can use. If you want to use this application, then you must have a license.

Download Sony Vegas Pro here.

5. Corel Video Studio

Corel, as a company that is no less big than Adobe, also provides a powerful PC video editing application. Application from Corel named Corel Video Studio.

If you are new to video editing or beginners, this application is perfect for you to use because it looks simple and easy to understand.

Although it looks simple, the features provided are not exactly simple. This application has many advanced features.

The features of Corel Video Studio include simple to complex features.

Features in this application: audio celarer, XAVC S, creativity options, freeze frame, convert titles to alpha channels, effects, smart features, score fitter, screen capture, media library management, 4K hardware acceleration, and many other interesting features the other.

But Corel Video Studio is not a free application. You must have a license if you want to use this application. Download Corel Video Studio here.

6. Windows Movie Maker

As the name implies, this video editing software can only be used for Windows-based PCs only. This software is deliberately made for you who have a hobby in editing videos that are cool, good and full of creativity.

In addition, this Windows movie maker can also be said to be easy to operate because it has a simple interface. This is what makes Windows Movie Maker very suitable for beginners.

Even so, the features offered by this software are also very interesting. So, guaranteed results will be satisfying. Interested in trying it out? Simply download the application on your PC.

7. Avidemux

For those of you who are still confused looking for the best free PC video editing application, there is a really cool application that you can use, namely Avidemux.

Well, this Avidemux apparently can be downloaded for free on your PC. Besides being free, another advantage possessed by this application is its ability which is quite practical and easy to use.

Because Avidemux was deliberately designed as a video editing application whose operation is simple and easy to use for beginners.

This application can still be used to cut, embed filters, and even coding can. This is what makes this application suitable for beginners. However, although it is suitable for beginners, this application can also be used for professional video editing with high quality results.

8. Pinnacle Studio

If you are a beginner who is learning to edit videos and are confused about what application is the most appropriate for beginners, then you can count on Pinnacle.

So, Pinnacle Studio is a simple, inexpensive video editing application that has lots of full features that you can use.

Here also comes with a variety of the most basic editing features for beginners. With this application, you can edit videos while learning to make quality videos.

Because, by using Pinnacle Studio, you can edit videos and devote all the creativity you have in it.

In addition, for the matter of the quality of the results, Pinnacle Studio is no doubt. Although INI video editing application for beginners, but the quality of the resulting video is quite good.

Download Pinnacle Studio here.

9. Hit Film Express

Do you want a PC video editing application that is completely free? Luckily, in addition to some of the applications that have been mentioned, HitFilm ranks among the best free pc video editing applications that you should try.

This application can be used for video editing and VFX. HitFilm Express provides a claim that this application is the right application if you want to make something cool.

It is suitable for students, YouTubers, and novice film makers. Speaking of features, this application has tons of features. You can also add add-ons for this application.

In addition, it is also not required by super-sophisticated computers to use this application. However, if you have a computer with high specifications it would be better.

Indeed HitFilm is available in a free version. However, you can try other cool features with the paid version.

In the paid version, of course you can get better features compared to the free edition.

Download HitFilm Express here.

10. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editing application that is not only used on Windows, but can also be used on Mac. For those of you who are using a Mac and are confused about finding a video editing application that can be used, you can try Camtasia. What’s interesting about this application is that it is equipped with various interesting and good features to create quality videos.

Not only can it be used for editing, but Camtasia can also be used as a PC screen recorder application.

Download Camtasia here.

11. Kate’s Video Toolkit

If you need video editing software that has a full format, then Kate’s Video Toolkit is a choice that you can try.

Why? Because this software is supported by AVI, MOV, WMV, ASF, DIVX, MP4, 3GP, MPEG1, VCD-NTSC, MPEG2, VCD-PAL, SVCD-PAL, DVD-PAL, and many other formats.

With this software, you can convert or change videos easily. Not only that, Kate’s Video Toolkit also comes with a variety of cool and interesting features, one of which is the 3D Transition effect.

The application can only be used on PCs Windows 98, Vista and XP only. Are you interested in trying to use this application? Download here.

12. VSDC Free Video Editor

From the name alone is predictable. Yes, exactly. This application is free, absolutely free without having to pay anything to use it.

Although this application is free, you can still find some editing features like those in paid applications. This application also even supports many file formats.

Maybe, one of the things that will bother you is its appearance, especially for those of you who are just learning about video editing. The reason is the appearance of this application which is quite complicated.

For those of you who are still beginners will definitely be confused when operating this application because of the complexity of the appearance. You can download this application here.

13. OpenShot

The best full-featured PC Video Editing application isn’t just paid, really. You can also experience various features in a free video editing application called OpenShot.

You do not need to pay to use all the features provided by this application. No need to mention simple features, because all the simple features are available in this video.

Features that need to be discussed are additional features such as curve-based Key Frame animation that can provide interesting animation effects.

The appearance of this application is also simple, so you don’t need to be confused using this application. It is suitable for you to use if you are just learning video editing or are a beginner.

This application is not only for people who use the Windows operating system, but also available on Mac and Linux operating systems.

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